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My Fiance' came home from his first visit at Aspen, the doctor he had was rough and had bad mannerisms. (For a man to say this about a doctor, it has to be pretty bad.) My Fiance' was in pain from a infected tooth in front and a swollen face..

the dr pulled and pushed very roughly. Then was told his Humana with dental would not cover anything. They said they would do a complete work up and cost him $4500 up front to even start the work. Nothing about the Insurance covering anything.

They gave him a prescription for Pennicillian/Potassium and sent him 90 miles home. He was so devastated that they would not even say they would take care of the one tooth after the antibiotic took the infection away. They wanted a whole big plan done. All he wanted was his one tooth fixed.

He is on Social Security and Medicare and that is his sole income. He didn't even qualify for financing. What happened to the dentist who will take one tooth at a time and fix it for you??

We will not be going to any Aspen Dental.. I was going to go there, but now will not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Poor treatment by doctor/ costs.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Why your fiance would waste the money to drive 90 miles to a shyster outfit like Aspen is beyond comprehension. Why does your fiance want his teeth pulled instead of saved?

He should have taken care of them before, then he wouldn't need all this treatment. Extractions can be difficult, but even more so when young dentists in sleazy dental chains do them.

Look, I hate to tell you, but individual dental plans like Humana's are a waste of money. They send you to shyster outfits like Aspen who butcher and bankrupt patients.