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I had an appt. on Fri.

14 , 9:30 A.M. at your Huber Heights location , in which they took 15-20 x-trays. the DR. I 'm guessing was totally unprofessional , he looked at the x-ray for about 10 min.

said he didn't see anything and suggested I go to a periodontist ; I told him it wasn't my gums it is one of 3 of my left teeth. The left of my face was swollen and back 3 teeth throbbing . He wrote out a Periodontist to go see and no treatment provided. Anyways I contacted my dentist(Dr.

E.C. Callejo D.D.S.) he had 5-8 x-rays completed and even his dental asst. found the crack in my tooth; Dr. Callejo confirmed it , put me on antibiotics and reschedule for Mon.

the point being is that dentist is not fit to work at your establishment or any other if he cant even detect a crack in a tooth and an infection that could of resulted in a very harmful outcome. I will be looking into legal course not just for myself but also any other future patient.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: see what my Lawyer has to say on Monday afternoon.

Aspen Dental Cons: Misdiagnosis of my cracked tooth and did nthing about it, Leaving with the same problem i went in with.

  • Unqualified Work
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If you had a toothache in a specific area, it was ridiculous to take more than 3 x-rays of that particular area. Of course the most important thing at A$pen is running up the tab, not actually treating the problem at hand.


You don't have any case. Incompetence is not malpractice.

You got what your deserved going to a scummy flim-flam outfit to start with. If Dr. Callejo was your dentist to start with, why did you go to Aspen? Bet you were trying to cheap out.

Good you learned a lesson. Chance are if the tooth is cracked you will lose it.

Your competent dentist can possibly do an implant when the tooth is extracted, but only if all infection is done. Alternately, he can do a socket replacement graft so an implant can be placed in several months.