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My Issue began a year ago.. Initially I had a lot of pain requiring a root canal.

I first had to go through a full scale exam that I thought was unnecessary because I just needed a root canal. I literally had to negotiate my treatment and I felt like I was in the office of a used car manager negotiating a price. I just went along with the lady so i could get the root canal ASAP. I could not chew at all.

The day of the root canal I was brought in to the orthodontist and waited in the chair for over a half hour while he was on the phone to another country. .When he finally came in he quickly began the procedure and it was the quickest root canal i ever received. I felt it was a rushed job. Then came the crown.

The Dr who did the crown was lovely. I felt a good job was done with that . The Dental Assistant was great. I was surprised with the amount of autonomy they were allowed.

But the dentist seemed over worked. I needed a cleaning. The cleaning was called a special deep cleaning with fluoride. I was told it would cause some soreness, but I would not call it a cleaning .It was nothing more than a gentle brushing.

In my 70 years every Hygienist I ever went to gave me a deep cleaning gave me a good cleaning, The hygienist asked me to buy a prescription mouth wash from them that cost 45 dollars. I requested a prescription from the Dr .but didn't receive one, but the 45 dollar cost did show up on my insurance bill as not covered. .Aspen billed them despite me saying no to their purchase. The mouth wash would have cost me 12 with insurance at CVS, The Hygienist continued to sell me an Oral B tooth brush and told me that their price of 145 with a 20 dollar rebate was the best deal out there and come to find out i could have purchased it a BJs or Amazon for a lot less money.

Also I never got the rebate check, I was concerned regarding such medical practices vs salesmanship that I was in need to go to Tufts Dental school and finish the treatment plan. I had another complete work up because I was concerned over the root canal being so hastily done. I wanted peace of mind because of how quick the procedure was and wanted to know if things were done right. The Dental school did say it appeared OK on the X-ray.

The Dental 'school finished the remaining work for about the same amount of money Aspen refunded me. I will never know if I received the best cost-effective treatment. .I want nothing from Aspen. I think that people need to know you don't have to feel pressured into buying Aspen Dental products and Aspen should state that.

If you have health care you can get their mouthwash at the pharmacy for about 12 dollars,. You can also buy an Oral B tooth brush online from Amazon or BJs for mush less money and without the silly bells and whistles that you would never use. You don't have to deal with the silly sales pitch of a rebate. Despite what the Hygienist tells you.

The Office was impressive, spacious and clean. The dental assistants were impressive and certainly knew their craft. The associate dentist was lovely caring but had to run back and forth from patient to patient. I felt she was being over worked.

I end my review with, shop around and for a local dentist who accepts your insurance because his prices are already negotiated with the insurance company. Beware of Corporate Medicine.

User's recommendation: Be prepared for heavy handed sales that come in a couple of forms. The sales manager to sell you the dental work, The hygienist to sell you products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aspen Dental Pros: Clean and spacious, Very skilled dental assistants, Wonderful associate dmd.

Aspen Dental Cons: I felt like i was negotiating for a used car, Pushing over priced products on patients, I felt the orthodontist rushed.

Location: 855 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

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All A$pen Dentists are overworked. And undpaid!

That is why that scummy chain is a revolving door of dentists. No way you get a good deal going to a corporate clinic. I review treatment plans all the time, many from Aspen.

They are filled with unnecessary trreatment and bogus charges like for "subgingival irrigation." Dentists like me sell fluoride and chlorhexidine for about what it costs us- not $45. The only thing Aspen is good at is sucking money out your bank account like a vacuum cleaner.

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