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To Whom it May Concern:

My experience with Aspen has been the single most worst experience I have ever had with a medical/dental provider. And my continued problems since that visit are scary and as I sit here today, I feel very alone in my search for help.

I made an appt with this office because I was having a problem. The staff was courteous and professional. I made my appt and the doctor developed an extensive tx plan of aprox $7100+ . I explained to the doctor that due to my work schedule and the cost of his recommendations, my treatment would have to have a slower approach. He rx'd me an antibiotic. I explained that I have been experiencing pain and asked if he would prescribe something for pain. He said that he "was not comfortable" doing so. I was shocked and taken aback; I could not understand his reluctance to make sure I was comfortable since this appointment had been made for that exact reason. I was shocked and embarrassed and suddenly I felt as though he looked at me as a woman of color that was nothing more than a drug seeker. Oh, and who also happened to have insurance benefits that he was quite willing to bill for.

The very next morning, I woke with significant swelling upper left side and I called the dental office at 8 am. I explained to the gentleman that answered my problem and I asked if he could see me. I was told I would get a call back. At 1 pm, I still had not heard back and my face continued to swell. I called the office back and the man that answered said that he does not see any record of my having left a message. He took all of my info again and I waited. Between 3 and 3:30 pm, I received a call back from the same staff person that took my message. His demeanor was cold and matter of fact. I was informed that the doctor saw no reason to see me. And as for pain??? Had I not called my medical provider? This confused me. Why would I call them if my problem with dental in nature and I had taken steps to become established with a dentist?? I began to cry and I told this young man that I had never been treated with such blatant disregard in my life. He too was cool and dismissive and even down right rude and mean at the end of that emotional phone call. *it is important to note that I had email the doctor pictures of the swelling and he never responded.

That entire week was a harrowing saga of pain, swelling, extreme illness, confusion, and even shame. What had I done to be treated so poorly? I am now a patient of record and not one time has the provider contacted me to even offer assistance to refer me to an oral surgeon. I am now on 2 antibiotics, and 1gm rocephin IM, an ER visit...and it is far from over. The very thing that I tried so hard to prevent, missing work, has happened now that I am so ill and almost septic but I will face those consequences as I can.

I feel marginalized, discriminated against, and dismissed. And I as a 50 year old woman of color am forced to accept that it's his word against mine as I am sure he has changed any documentation regarding me to fit the image in his head. Even now, it brings tears to my eyes. I am still much to sick to fight back. This position of powerlessness as he bills Delta and benefits from me and my darker hued self is a horrible, lonely place.

And just out of curiosity, I'd like to know what he thought when he opened my email? Did he look at my marked swelling and simply conclude that I was simply a crafty drug addict? In the 18+ years I worked as a dental assistant all the way up to treatment plan coordinator and office manager, I have never witnessed a provider display such unchecked arrogance and complete disregard for a patient of record. If in fact Dr Green was not comfortable treating me, a courteous referral would have been appreciated. He has a staff that potentially could be amazing. But sadly, as it pertains to me and my care, they followed the lead of Dr K. Green. Pity...

Lisa Partee



Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Emergency Service.

Reason of review: I became much sicker than I needed to as a "patient of record" of Dr Kevin Green in the Madison, WI office.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Sarasota, Florida, United States #1211154

You worked as a dental assistant, treatment coordinator and front desk for 18+ years and still went to Aspen Dental???? Man, anyone who has ever worked in the industry knows to stay away from clinics like that.


Did you die?

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1208539

Aspen is an equal opportunity scammer. They would not refuse to scam anyone because of race, creed, or color.

Iselin, New Jersey, United States #1206272

Also report the dentist to the board. Contrary to what this dentist typed on this thread.

When a patient has an infection. They do receive antibiotics. They usually give you something for the pain. Go to the Natural Foods Market and get some Oil of Oregano.

It will take care of the infection. I hope you are okay. I lost my cousin when he become septic.

Make sure someone has all their info for a lawsuit if something happens to you. Call the BBB, Attorney General, and the board.

to Anonymous Topeka, Kansas, United States #1206303

When pus is building up in the body, the first thing you do is ELIMINATE the source of the infection- either start a root canal and lance the swelling so the pus can drain out, or extract the tooth.

Merely giving the patient antibiotics, or some *** nutritional supplement, will do little in itself. There are too many resistant bacteria out there.

For a severe infection in the hospital they give antibiotics via I.V.

drip and get the source of the infection out ASAP.

It is not clear whether this patient refused treatment or A$pen refused to administer treatment. If the patient procrastinated on actual treatment of this infection, it is totally her fault.

Iselin, New Jersey, United States #1206268

Call the Attorney General in your state. Call the BBB.

Post on their Facebook page. They are know for poor quality products, and services at outrageous prices. The doctor here in my local clinic had drug charges on him. Lol!

This place is a joke.

I hope you get it resolved. Also contact an attorney.

to Anonymous Champaign, Illinois, United States #1206305

The have doctors like that working for them because Aspen is the bottom of the barrel in dental employment and no one but the most desperate dentists will work there.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1206236

Lisa, it has nothing to do with you skin color.

If you have a dental problem, you need TREATMENT not drugs. It is considered INAPPROPRIATE to give patients pain relievers just because dental treatment is inconvenient for them at the moment.

Antibiotics alone do not cure dental problems- they just screw up the GI tract and produce resistant bacterial strains.

Their are some nasty resistant bacteria out there and make infections spiral out of control quickly. Even though I treated them appropriately, I have had two patients end up in the hospital with dental infections.

That said, they should have acted on your immediate complaint on your first visit, instead of taking a detour and doing a complete exam at that moment. The exam should have waited AFTER the source of your pain was eliminated.

Regardless of race, your purpose at shyster-owned dental outfits like A$pen is just to better their financial bottom line. They don't care about you.

Their *** lying TV commercials insure a steady stream of new suckers (oops I meant patients) coming in the front door.

Please get all your dental problems treated by an HONEST and COMPETENT dentist in private practice. Do not select a dentist by advertisements nor presence on PPO insurance lists.

to Seasoned Dentist #1576077

That's funny they offered me pain meds and I refused them. Not because I've ever had any issue with drugs I just don't take pain pills however thanks to Aspen Dental in Oak Ridge Tennessee I've had a toothache now since September 11th 2018 I've paid them $1,700 out-of-pocket my insurance has paid them money and all they've done so far is scale my gums and give me a toothache by pulling off a perfectly good crown on a tooth that had never given me a problem saying there was a cavity under the crown there are a bunch of fools my dentist said just done X-rays and didn't say anything like that I went there to inquire about a partial and weeks later still going through *** not one bit closer to a partial and all this money going down the drain they will give me my money back and they will not be touching my teeth again I hope the office in Oak Ridge Tennessee is shut down permanently


Did you pay the $7100 up front? If so then that's all they want and they will see you when they want to.

If you had a tooth that bad off, he should have addressed the infection causing the pain or routed you to another surgeon that day.

Sad when aspen will put profits before patients. Tell everyone you know and maybe aspen will go out of business.

to Anonymous #1576080

A bunch of quacks in Oak Ridge Tennessee I didn't have any kind of a toothache till I went to them they are going to pay for me to see an endodontist and get there jacked up mess cleaned up

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