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I wanted to pay everything upfront and they added everything up I told them I only want to do this if I can pay for everything up front so I took out loans and such to cover all but a small amount of the bill, like 2,300 so all is good they entered my insurance wrong and now you owe 4,700 so now you have to pay that well I got my 2 implants for the bottom there's a lot more to this story but anyway they are holding my snap in dentures till I pay all that extra money off it's been a few years so I'm screwed there is so much more they did but I could write a book on it. Just stay away they didn't fix the mistake they made with all the extra money they charged me go anywhere else run away from Aspen dental I'm stuck I want to sue them for my dentures. Please listen to me they are bad news just stay away.

User's recommendation: Stay away from Aspen dental nothing but trouble headache and they won't fix there mistakes I'm stuck. Run away from Aspen dental.

Location: Gresham, Oregon

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A$pen can't make conventional dentures. Implant dentures are at least twice as hard to fabricate correctly. There is a better chance that Hailey's Comet would return early than you getting implant dentures that fit from a viper's nest like Aspen.

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