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I'm so very happy that this legal pursuit of SHADY Aspen Dental Management is transpiring ; after having went through at least 4 years of treatment and many $$$$ spent out of pocket ( despite having excellent insurance) - I have ended up with the worst dental work EVER . I started this nightmarish journey about 4 years ago .

After researching and saving my hard earned money I decided to get dental implants to replace my old and ill fitting upper dentures. I had my 4 implants placed and was finally ready to get my upper dental implant fitted . While being fitted for my implants; the dentist who was taking my original dentist's place ( my original dentist was on maternity leave) completely destroyed the work that took almost a year of work and healing year to get to this point. This inept "dentist " tried for about an hour to fit my new implants to my very costly abutments then he finally gave up and said I should come back when my dentist ( on maternity leave ) came back.

When I did go back, my original dentist told me that the idiot had left a screw in the abutment post that would prevent the post from being functional- the only option I was given was removal of the abutment . Once again, I went through the pain equivalencey of having 4 teeth pulled at once- then I had no choice but to have my upper implant ( made for 4 posts)put back on after changing it to 3 posts. Of course I have had issues with this- this really didn't fit properly despite numerous adjustments . I'm a VA R.N ; one work day while educating my patients- my loose implant actually almost fell out.

It actually started to move around in my mouth. Needless to say I was mortified and embarrassed. My patient and his family present asked me, "honey are you ok!". I was totally mortified, asked to leave my position at that time and then had to ask another nurse to continue my patient discharge teaching.

I wish I had went elsewhere for my dental implant!!! Aspen replaced a small % of the cost of the "jacked up " dental implant that was destroyed by the inadequate and nonprofessional "substitute dentist".

I will still need to have another implant abutment placed in the place of the missing 3rd implant on the 4 implant post. I also have had a crown that was done by Aspen . I was fitted for a lower partial with a bottom tooth ( root canal prepped first and crown on top) dental work done by Aspen .

One day I'm getting ready to go to work and brushing my teeth and the next minute- my crown has fallen out of my mouth and is in the sink. I made Aspen aware of this issue ASAP. At first the office manager denied that the ( root canal and crown) was even done at Aspen. However thank God for computer records and imaging- she had no choice but to recant her lie.

Even after they realized that the "jacked up "crownwork was theirs ; they refused to do much about. At first the office manager told me, "crowns fall out all the time!"Of course I knew better and insisted that they do something. Afterward, they offered to do lower implants - no cost reduction or anything . I didn't want this —- so they could do another botched job on my lowers?

Then to suffice for their inadequate and shabbily done dental work, they then offered to take my partial and (yes) add a tooth on it to replace the missing crown of my lower tooth. I was looking like a Halloween jack o lantern at this time and had no choice at this time. They put the ( thin and ugly) tooth on my partial as they said they would. Needless to say it looked hideous and had to be redone several time just to look 1/2 decent.

I have lost at least 20 pounds because i cant eat properly anymore. Whenever I go to the Aspen office for anything ( upper implant readjustment) I've heard the office manager laughing with her staff and joking about me an my situation. This has been costly, financially, timely, emotionally and has led to my loss of self esteem. I paid for implants; not for a nightmare.

My GI tract is starting to also be effected because I can't chew my foods as I should; I have reoccurring episodes of acid reflux so bad that I'm getting ulcers. I've spent many dollars for this roller coaster ride through *** with Aspen Dental Management—- my whole purpose was to enhance my health not make it worse. Yes I will join this class action... let me know what records you need ( more pictures or other wise) and I will get them to you ASAP...

Aspen needs to be put out of business... shady, shady money grabbing...?!?????' people masquerading as professionals and literally stealing money from insurance companies and from customers pockets.

They do not care about their customers - you are no more than a piece of sh— to them. I've been made to feel this way time after time with Aspen Dental Management on 124th and Capital in Milwaukee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Crown Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You are a nurse. Yet you went to the shoddiest corporate outfit in the USA to get a complicated procedure like implants and implant denture fabricated?????That would be like needing a heart transplant and going to an urgent care center expecting them to do a good job at it!The young dentists who work at A$pen fresh out of dental school know it will be a short-term gig there until they find something better. Their interest is in maximizing their commission the short time they stay there, not in patient satisfaction.I am daily amazed at the power of TV advertising on the human mind.

to Seasoned Dentist #1557005

You don’t know ME!!! I’m currently getting professional dental work done by........

to correct Aspen work & I’m suing Aspen.

I will be just fine and YES I’m an R.N.- the dentist are supposed to be professional also!!! Stay in your OWN freaking lane!!’nn

to Betty Bowman-Simmons #1557006

Stop trolling other people’s misery and mind your own damn business!!!

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