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My 3 Aspen Dental visits were very stressful. It is a training station (at least as of last year), with a secretary-in-training, who had no one to help her.The so-called manager was no where to be found. They charged me over 60 dollars for my first visit because they said my insurance wouldn't cover it, even though after a quick call to my insurance, I was assured my 6 monthly check-ups were free.

After that I had at least 15 X-rays taken in diff. positions in my mouth. It took an extremely long time and required awkward positioning of a tool that smashed into the overgrowth of bone that I have in my bottom jaw, which made them bleed. Then I saw the dentist who merely looked at my mouth without even pushing or inspecting any teeth. They told me I had to come back another time for a cleaning, which was not specified when I made the appointment.

When I finally got my cleaning, I had to make 2 diff. appointments just to get my 60 dollars back as the manager had to approve it and wasn't there the first time. The second time the secretary told me that the manager was busy, although he was standing right behind her and listening; I had already met him before.

The last and final time I went there, it was for the 6 month visit cleaning and dentist check. After my cleaning, I was told that the dentist had already left. I was still charged the full amount for my check up. To make matters worse, I was incorrectly charged once again. I called the office and they said they'd change it. It never changed and I had to personally go to the office and correct the bill.

This isn't a dentist office, it's a business. Horrible management, lack of communication, felt like they only cared about my money. Won't be going back again.

Review about: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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