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April 19, 2018

Aspen Dental Offered Free Ex-Rays with any visit, and claimed to care, no judgement, blah blah. I just needed a Dentist that would treat the infection and afterward, pull the tooth because I had a tooth that had cracked and later chipped off and my jaw became visibly swollen with infection. They took ex-rays and sat me down in a Dentist's chair. The dentist was extremely rude, and trying to tell me that all my teeth needed to be pulled and did I just want to take care of that today. I know my teeth are fine and this was a ridiculous question!! I said No, I do not want you to pull all of my teeth out! I need you to take care of the one that is infected. He said nothing and walked away. Then, the "I'm better than you" lady from billing came and took me into her office. She says okay, for what you want done is $246 and she can take cash, credit or debit card today, so dummy me pays the woman with my debit card for $200 & gave her $46 in cash. She asked when I wanted to make the appt for, and I'm thinking this is weird, but I said well um next week, after the antibiotics get the swelling and infection down. She says, oh he isn't going to give you any antibiotics and I said well that isn't going to work, this is why I came in today. She says well we can take care of that for you today. I said No, I'm not doing that! First of all with infection, you cannot get the root and gum numb, then you risk a septic infection from there you could easily spend a week or more in the hospital or even risk death!!! These idiots are treating patients like guinea pigs and they're making damned good money at it too!! I told her I want my money back and I need to find a REAL DENTIST before it is too late in the day, as I had driven 86 miles, one way to Enid, Ok to this destist appt. and I was losing daylight. She says oh sorry... I can't give you your money back, I've already posted it! She wouldn't even give me my cash back!!! She said I'd have to wait 7-10 business days for a refund. They sent me a check for $46 in the next 2 weeks. Thank the Lord for great friends!! I had to call one who lived in Enid and ask them to meet me and drive me to another dentist, borrow cash for another dental appt. and now it is 4:30 pm. I found one and they were fantastic!! Agreed with everything I said about why I wouldn't let Aspen Dental carve me up and they said that they will not pull an infected tooth until the infection is treated with antibiotics and gone. Today is May 16, almost 1 month has gone by and I need this tooth taken care of so I called the bank to make sure there had been a deposit made to reimburse my $200 from A. D., and nope, still no refund!! So I had to call them and ask them for my money back, today and explained I need that money back to fix this tooth and It's after 5 and I am now having to wait until tomorrow so that they can make 1 months worth of interest off of my $200!!! I think their business practices are deplorable, as much as their dental practice!!




Thank you for taking the time to read about my misfortune, and I hope no one else will have to suffer like I am!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't understand. First you say all your teeth were "fine," then you say you needed on extracted because it is infected.By the way, I have extracted thousands of teeth with infection.

Numbing can take a bit longer, but we always get the patient numb one way or the other. But why didn't you seek to save the tooth with a root canal?Agreed, it is ridiculous not being able to get a refund on the spot. Not refunding patient money is something A$pen is famous for. Many people have to sue them in court to get a legitimate credit balance refunded.Glad you found a caring dentist- what you should have done to start with.

Why don't you patronize him to get your teeth and gums in good shape, rather than wait until you have another toothache and losing another tooth? Old habits are hard to break, aren't they?

to Seasoned Dentist #1482722

Thank you for your interest in my teeth. FYI, I was in a deadly auto accident that created hairline fractures in my teeth.

So, as far as your old habits are hard to break bit, ya might wanna rethink your assumations. And this dentist should not be practicing...

I did call them and many times during the conversation, they admitted having several complaints from other patrons who have said this guy was horrible. Have a nice day

to De Anna #1482889

Wow! What on earth was the reason they gave you that all your other teeth needed to be extracted?

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