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I was told by the people that work in their office that after reviewing my dental plan that I will owe 0 and all the work is covered at 100%. I explained ahead of time that I will come back in January to have the work done because my insurance pays each year a certain amount for dental work but the woman insisted that my insurance pays at 100% so no need to wait so I had the work done in November and then I look at my account and it says I owe more than $500.00.

I have Medicare Advantage Plan with dental and the woman that told me my work on my teeth is 100% covered knew how much my plan pays and or paid for the year and I trusted she knew what she was talking about but I now have a bill which I never would have gotten if she gave me the correct information and now they want me to pay for their mistake and I feel because I am older that they think they can just say what they want and older people will just pay in the end with no questions asked and to me that is elder abuse. I am appalled that I trusted this company and now they want me to pay for their mistake. Please NEVER trust anything these people say about the insurance. They do not seem to be trained properly in the finance department.

If they were trained properly they would have known to give the customer a printout of what they will pay and what the insurance will pay also they need to let the customer know what the bill will be for out of pocket expense.

How do they know if a person can pay that amount or what if the customer does not have any money to pay outside of what their insurance will pay? This is the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with.

User's recommendation: do not choose Aspen Dental for your dental needs.

Location: Toledo, Ohio

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No dental plan I have ever encountered pays 100% of everything. Most Medicare Advantage plans are garbage and have garbage dental coverage. The reason why Aspen accepts them is that this company has no trouble cheating patients on such ridiculous dental plans.

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