We unfortunately got stuck going there last year because of my husbands ins. We didn't want to go since there are such bad things on the internet about this place but had to.

2 of my children had cleanings which went...okay. My husband and other daughter both had cavities that needed filled. Both of them ended up with infections, tons of pain, medicine and frustration. I had to take my daughter back today to have the filling redone and she could feel everything so she was in incredible pain and crying.

The Dentist told her to stop crying or she wasn't getting a toy. There was no compassion, no regrets, no kindness. My girl is tough too, she doesn't cry normally but I believe I would cry too if someone put a shot in my gums without the numbing solution taking hold.

Horrible, horrible. Don't go there unless you like pain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

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I had my wisdom tooth pulled almost a month ago at Aspen and have been in excruciating pain in my lower right one ever since, they don't seem to know whats going on there and just put paste in my socket(which falls out the next day) and send me home with pain meds and say I have a dry socket but my hole is closing up and pain seems to be increasing every day more and more. I am very scared and wont be able to see the oral surgeon who pulled my teeth until Wed.

The pain is really getting unbearable, I have no clue what to do or who can help me. I only went there because it was one of the few places in my area that accepted my insurance.


That is exactly what happen to me .. went in to have some cavities filled .then ended up with a nasty infection , was in massive pain for month cause they just kept putting me on a antibiotic! Went to a different dentist ended up having 2 root canals !

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