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From the Mentor OH office In Jan of 2012 I received my dentures, they made from the temporary plate that was to big, The dentures were just as big and kept slipping down. I've had them relined 3 times in 4 months they'er still the same, when they made the impressions from the plate I told them that it was to big.They kept readjusting and left about a 1/4 in gap at the back of the plate which food gets stuck on.

when they made the temporary plate the two front teeth went side ways. they wanted me to wear them like that.I didn't.

what they need to do is make another pair that fits correctly. My next step will be to see a lawyer if this doesn't get resolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Had particial made twice for the charge of 2000.00$ that I'm trying to

Get back now !! They pulled my teeth and left parts of them in my jaw , now I have major infection !!! And I STILL DO NOT have a particial that fits but I paid for it !!! amd still am !!! I also just had open

Heart surgery and was of no concern to them

!!!! Please don't go there ( tonawanda site new York)

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