Had lower plate relined at Aspen Dental. Told them that the denture was as loose as it was before it was relined.

Went back several times for adjustment. Went to Affordable Dentures. Cost was 1/4 what Aspen Dental charged. Am very happy with the plate now.

I would never go back to Aspen Dental for any proceedure. Also, after getting their money, I found the staff to be very rude and disrespectful. It was very different at Affordable Dentures. The staff there was extremely nice and cared about their clients.

They will get my business and anyone else that I talk to.

Monetary Loss: $550.

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The lower denture is the hardest denture for both the patient and dentist. It takes time to adapt and train the muscles to wear.

The upper jaw anatomy allows thw upper denture to form a suction probably 90% of the time. Lowers are the exact opposite. They are known as "flippers and floaters". Suction is virtually impossible.

The lower jaw anatomy often prohibits a great fit. Muscle attachments that hold the "floating jaw" in place often cause the lower dentures increased movement when the muscles are put into motion.

It often requires a few very important adjustments following placement, after being relined or fabricated. Congrats to Affordable Dentures for hitting it right the first time....

to optomistic dentist Chillicothe, Ohio, United States #619145

Aspen dental is a big rip off I got the attonery general on their butts because they over charged me and trying to make me pay again for something that is already paid for.!!!

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