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I had a broken tooth on the top right and on the top left a tooth that constantly trapped food between and under it. Now, I had to point THAT one out to the dentist and then she said oh yes, you need a crown on it.

Then THAT dentist moves to another location and when I go to get my crowns I start with a new dentist. After getting the temporary crowns, the left side fell out and I had to go back to have it put in again. The top right side gave me FITS. My gum was so sore and it felt like it was not put in correctly.

I went back and they could find NOTHING wrong with it. It was FINE they say. Finally, they decide I need a root canal. I had that done even though that doctor said he found very little there, just minor inflamation where the dentist said she had to drill deep to get out the original filling.

HOWEVER, afterwards when THAT doctor put the temporary crown back in, it felt better than it ever had. The top left temporary crown falls out again so back I go to get it fixed. FINALLY I get the permanent crowns. AGAIN the top right side gave me MORE FITS.

My gum was once again inflamed in pain! And it felt like a big round smooth marble in my mouth. Unlike all my other crowns (from OTHER dentists) It had no grooves in it whatsoever and was way too big, hitting first. I go back and the dentist decides it is too high so she takes out a grinder and grinds it down on one side pretty near my gum and says that if I have further problems that they will get to me as soon as they can -- I THINK NOT!

they didn't get it right the first time so I'm not waiting until they can get to me. I am NOT HAPPY and my tooth was STILL not right but at the same time I didn't want them messing with it anymore. It was going to cost MORE money because THEY thought they did the job right and could find NOTHING wrong with it. So now the tooth that she grinded down so low on one side is chipped and giving me fits again and my gum is STILL sore.

Just to tap on the tooth hurts at my gum line because there is no nerve there. I am still convinced the base crown was NOT inserted correctly.

I can't wait to go to another dentist and pay them the money Aspen wants to fix their mistake and see what the new dentist has to say about their work. I'll update then.

Review about: Aspen Dental Tooth Crown Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Not at all, Professional, Lack of service, Medical negligence and misdiagnosis.

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Every dentist who works at aspen dental knows he will be gone to a different job in a few months or sooner. So a quick fix or shoddy solution is chosen because he knows he will be gone by then and the mess will be the next dentist's problem to try to fix if the mess if fixable at all.

Aspen dental's crowns are made in china and come back looking like it was made by a retarded monkey. That's why the dentist keeps taking the crown it and out of your mouth and drilling on it like a mad man.

He has to do that to the the inside and outside of the crown before it will even begin to fit on your tooth. Get it fixed soon before it pops off and you swallow it.


Notice how dentists come and go at A$pen and there was no continuity of treatment for you. Fact is, any dentist worth his salts gets out of fleabag joints like A$pen as fast as they can.

Most dentists are EMBARASSED to tell colleagues they work for such a flim-flam outfit.

Probably the incompetence and poor quality lab work at A$pen cost you a root canal. Which means not only did you get abysmal treatment there, you will end up having more dental work than if you had gone to an honest, competent dentist to start with.

I review treatment plans from corporate dental chop shops all the time. I see inappropriate treatment planned on unsuspecting patients.

One poor college student I examined had THIRTEEN fillings planned at A$pen, and NONE of his teeth had any decay. Many times patients would have been better off with NO dental work that treatment from A$pen.

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