I also went to the Waterford, Ct. Aspen Dental, for tooth problem well I thought I broke my tooth well I didn't a crown popped off I didnt know put they did because you could tell the tooth was shaved down that is what my orginal dentist said when I told him about what Aspen done my dentist at the time had retired so I had to find dentist because it was my tooth in the frontside so I went there they said they would have to extract my tooth and I needed ex rays anda cleaning ,and they billed me for that and said I need to see the doctor again for the problem well they charge again for him to look at my mouth and then he sends me to the other dr F who dosen't know what he is doing he filled 2 of my teeth and I didn't go there for that well he cause moreproblems I complained to the surgeon when I saw him he said I will take care of it well Dr F looked at my mouth and he said I chipped it no I didn't he did when he hit my tooth the first so went in and filed and did alot of stuff caused more problems .I go to get the implant bar inserted that is all welll and done this was in 2009 of July and then Dr F said I needed to replace the crown next to the implant bar in March because I had gotten a major infection in my mouth I had complained several times in 2009 to them and the office people they saw me and said nothing was wrong well they were wrong I went in for a visit walked out with a mouth of pain and stiches and because Dr S said I had severe infection and gave medicine and said my jaw bone was deterating,So I went home in pain.Then I was called in for a fitting for a crown By DrF what a joke they were rough not caring that I had a mouth ful of stitches and all so that was done I was called to come for the crown to placed well guess what it wasn't mine it was ordered wrong and he tried to puy some one elses in my mouth so that was cancelled I was told I would have to come back I did and again wrong he worked on it to fix it and it worked.another issue when it came time to put thethe tooth crown in for the implant that was wrong and again DR F blamed it on the lab where it came from so he sent it to the guy at the lab to do something to it and then placed it in.

I will never step foot in there again they wanted the final money up front before they even finished my mouth so to finish it the girl said I need to pay the balance and I said ok and when I gave them the check they took me to the back to finish. Well they started in July 2009, they finished in Dec,2010 and I was told by other dentist it should have never took that long, they charged me for visits for the doctor every time and it was for the same job they right up paper work 2 times and each one said a different amount she said to go by the new one and I would only a couple hundred bucks wrong I took a lone out for care credit paid that and my only cost was supposed to 200 when I made the final payment I thought was the final payment $785.00 dollars wrong today I received a bill for another 435.00 dollars I called and asked what the H was going on they said they would get back to me they haven't....They are scam artist they don't care about there patients they cancel your appointments change the time of your appointment and expect you to drop every thing or leave work to get to there new appointment they made for you, They lie and say one thing and tell the doctor you are the one causing trouble when you complain the doctor is there only 2 a month he is at offices all over the place.

So don't go there I had to get the tooth done that DR F filled by another dentist I was in so much pain it turned out I had to have a root canal done so I was charged twice by DR F to fix tooth 3 and had to pay $865.00 TO Get it fixed right by another dentist office who couldn't believe this and he looked at my implant bar and said I am going to have problems with this and I said why what do you mean he said I scrapes on the bar he said it might from when they cut my mouth open and cleaned and packed it ... So don't go there please I hurt so I don't want you to suffer...

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

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wow i went there (Waterford)back in 06 and had no problems. The prices were fair and the work was decent.

The doc did have trouble with doing an extraction. My tooth was stuck in there good.

I moved to Florida and googled Aspen to get a review on the Aspen in the Villages and came across your review. I am shocked.


Kasey at Aspen Dental has been hired to bribe people and keep patients from complaining to the dental boards and seeking legal advice to remedy their situation. Do not be fooled.

She is paid to sit behind a computer all day, go to different websites, and find fires and put them out.

The state dental board and complaint intake unit will make sure that you receive JUSTICE and the next patients will too. Call your state regulatory body today and they will be fully held responsible for their illegal, immoral, and unethical actions.


Only matter of time before "Kasey" leaves a comment, attempting damage control on this debacle which seems to be Aspen Dental.

Does Aspen pay you enough for that job, "Kasey"? ;)

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