I interviewed for a patient service rep position, that stated on the job advertisement no travel. However, I went into the interview and interviewed for an assistant manager position, and they told me I would need to travel around to different offices?!

It was just a very shady experience, and all the while patients were screaming at the front desk about being ripped off. I got the impression that this company only cares about taking advantage of the client, and does not have their best interest.

This is not a place I would work at or visit if I needed dental work. STAY AWAY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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I worked for Aspen. The company is terrible and wants to take advantage of people that haven't been to the dentist is a long time. Yes, some people need a lot of dental work but most don't need everything that is written for them.

to yes, the truth hurts Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #603745

I was lied to about the cost. Office mgr quoted a price and the oral surgeon quoted a higher price for the implants.

$100 difference.



It sounds like the people defending Aspen maybe the people that work there. A little advice try working on your customer service skills in the time you spend looking for bad reviews. Then you may not have to worry about the bad reviews.


So everyone that works there is a liar? Just because someone told you that you would have to travel....

wow. This is the problem with these websites.....work in a corporate dental office for a while and you will see that the people screaming at the front desk are the ones who hadn't been to a dental office in 10 years and now want the world on a silver platter

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