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I recently TRIED to make an appointment in the Albany,OR office. The office staff, two women, were cold and never smiled once.

I gave the one my insurance info and while I was filling out my paper work, she said you have no coverage for xrays or any other procedures. Since I had just gotten off the phone with my insurance company I said, you must be mistaken! I have had them for years and have good coverage, the one panorama xray which is only 1 every 2 years is with a different dental office. She said to 'tell them to send that over to our office and we will see'.

When I called them, they said sure, just send us a release. I went back to Aspen and said I need a release. I could tell it was not the paper I needed and asked and she took it out of my hands and hi-lited what she said needed to be filled out and shoved it back to me. I filled it out.

Four days later I never heard anything about scheduling an appt. When I called she said we have not received anything from your other dental office. I called them and they said we have not received a release yet. The biggest problem for me was that Aspen and Gentle Dental are the major dentist choices with UHC, my insurance.

I called them and asked to please email me a list of all available dentist that they use because I was not going back to Aspen. The rudest, dumbest reception I have ever encountered! I said a prayer and selected one from the list and got in for an appt 2 days later. I called the dental office with my xrays and asked if they had sent the xrays to Aspen yet.

She said we still have not received a request! I said hold it. Do not send them anything of mine, I will not be going back to Aspen. I walked into my new dentist and was met by a smiling, genuine face that said Hi!

Come on in! Everyone was cheerful, and everyone greeted each other. Yes it is a smaller dentist, but that is fine with me. So if you are going to Aspen because you feel they are cheaper or the only one your insurance covers: LOOK AGAIN!

There are more reasonable services out there, and there are absolutely businesses that welcome you and appreciate your business than Aspen Dental.

Your "Reception" means what you see is what you get.... if you get rude, expect uncaring service; if you see welcoming smiles, you have someone who cares.

User's recommendation: Do Not Go.

Preferred solution: Hire qualified, professional customer service employees with valid experience. .

Aspen Dental Pros: Cheap and in every city, Location, Hours of operation.

Location: 1290 Geary Street Southeast, Albany, OR 97322

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Why didn't you take responsiblity and send the x-ray release yourself???? Better yet, why didn't you walk the completed release over yourself and make sure they were sent?

Why do you think a dental office should do all your homework?

It is super dumb to rule out dentists who are not on your insurance prostituting provider list. Generally, the WORST dentists in town sign up for these crummy plans- case in point A$pen Dental.

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