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I recently wrote 2 articles named "Patient in Kingston," and "A"

which can be found in the "Aspen Dental is going down" review forum which should be found listed close to this site. In summary discrimination is when you judge all members of a group as being one in the same.

I know for a fact there are good people working at Aspen Dental as well as ones that are questionable. The good ones should not be generalized into a list of bad employees by including them in a blanket complaint against Aspen Dental

as a whole. It is only fair to target only those responsible for any wrong doing.

There are those in every field on Earth that are incompetent so this is not a concept exclusive to Aspen Dental. I always say it is much better to have a dentist that tries her best even if not perfect and will listen to you and answer questions and redo any mistakes (which very likely will not be life threatening)than to have one that whether near perfect or not is an arrogant #!&%$@ *** that gets defensive if you request adjustments of some sort to the dental work or one that constantly attempts to mislead you with deception to satisfy his own agenda.

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people who have legitament complaints against apsen please contact me at we need your help to stop these people


ok people i am a patient wh was slaugtred and im telling you i am taking this company down for what they did to me i will never completley recover not from the mental anguish they have caused me and a class action lawsuite is in the works leve your info on this page to be contacted and if aspen attempts to contact you know your legal rights and tell them to stop harrasing you!! if you leave your info and have sustained damage to the degree you qualify according to the attorney and the perfesionalls i have helping me then you will be contacted we need to shut this place down before they can damage more people for the rest of there lives just like they did me and that is no exaduration i will not go into detail of my story because i dont want them to know who i am YET and they will know who i am soon enough when we get this ball on the rool..

so leave your info here and like i said if they try to contact you they will try to settle or even try to corner you into making you think they will cause you problem i know they also did this to me dont take it if you tell them to leve you alone and they dont this is called harrasment and now they have there weasels on here pretending to be patients so dont trust anyone who claims to be associated by them because it will only hurt your case dont let this company stay around to where they are hurting our children to in the near future when they are grown!!

thank you and yes they are going down!!! AND ASPEN DO NOT REPLY TO ME OR MY POST I KNOW MY RIGHTS DO NOT HARRAS ME!!!


people who have been hurt list your info here if you have sustained a true claim of injorys and if aspin or anyone else contact you let them know you know your legal rights and not to call again


Whats wrong with you people, Aspen dental in Kingston is amazing. Look at my smile.Thank you aspen dental.


You should be asame with your coments.


I'm so glad I found this. I came Aspen for a 2nd opinion on a broken filling and they told me the same thing. I had my teeth cleaned 3 weeks prior and the dentist said all was fine - then this for over $2k


To the Aspen Dental Staff,

I just wanted to thank all of the staff at Aspen Dental for your warm, kind welcome to your office. The professional accommodating staff makes my visit a pleasant experience. :grin A special thanks to Jeanette and Lindsey for being extra sweet. ;)


Denise O'Rourke


They made me the best set of denture that i had all my life. We love you aspen dental in Kingston.


The best place ever, clean ,modern ,i wish i met them 10 years ago. All my life i was afraid from the dentist ,not anymore.


My experience with Aspen Dental in Kingston was horrible. First, my husband and myself waited for over 1 hour past our appointment time.

There was no one else in the waiting room. Reason sited was the dentist had a personal matter. If that's the case, then call someone and reschedule them!! Don't wait until it's already 40 minuets past your appointment time and they come and ask you what is the problem to tell them.

The xray technician was awesome and absolutely the best!!! It was all down hill from there. My husband went in first, so I wasn't aware what was going on with him. After my xrays, I went to another room and a dentist came in and looked at my xrays and said I had very nice teeth.

She them had me open and close my mouth and asked me if I had an injury to my mouth. I told her no. She looked at my xrays again and back at my mouth and asked me if I was sure. I told her that since it was my mouth and it had been with me my whole life I was pretty sure.

She looked in my mouth again and said okay someone will talk to you. I went into another office and after 6 or 7 minuets of typing without saying anything, the person told me I needed DEEP CLEANING done of my teeth and it would be about $2800.00 but my insurance would pay about $900.00 of it. They would finance the rest of it. I said there is no freaking way.

I had been going every 6 months to the dental technician school in Troy and my friend who graduated the previous year was the top of her class. My mouth had been examined by her instructor every time and I was never told that. She said that it was a serious matter. I got up to leave and she said wait, let me see what I can do about the cost.

She typed some more and came up with about $1500.00 in charges and said my insurance would pay about $500.00 of that and they could finance the rest. I again told her no I wasn't paying anything because I wasn't having anything done by them and I refused to sign anything. Upon leaving I found out my husband was told a similar story but he only needed $1500.00 in work. Basically, they are like a cattle yard shoving people through to see what money they can make off of them through exaggerated services they tell them they need done and lies.

They are also ripping of insurance companies by billing for services they do that people don't really need. I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there. Fortunately a friend of mine just open up a great dental practice in Kingston and he works with all insurances and people who don't have insurance.

He said he opened his practice in Kingston BECAUSE of Aspen Dental. His motto is "Our low price will make you smile"

@Bernadette D.

I know the office you are talking about and his low prices match his quality of dentistry! TERRIBLE!

You get what you pay for!

The work I had at aspen was great and I called around and compared prices. The prices matches most offices in the area