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I had a 5:15 appt. I was 5 minutes early and signed in.

No one even said hello. two people were in the lobby. Two more came in after me. All 4 were taken bake before me.

I waited 30 minutes and went to make sure I was on the schedule. She only said "yes", nothing else. I waited 10 more minutes past my appt time and told her I'd need to reschedule. She walked away from me to "see what was taking so long" and was gone 5 minutes.

I finally just walked out. It wasn't so much the wait as the lack of recognition that I was even there.

Rude. I won't be back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1188812

Great thing about capitalism. If one business doesn't satisfy you, take it to a business who does.

In other words, vote with your feet.

Doubtless you have figured out by now that Aspen's TV ads are nothing but lies.

Anyone can way anything in a TV ad as long as they pay for it. No decent dentist has to advertise on TV.

Macomb, Michigan, United States #1188626

They lie, the take your money then change their minds and wanted 3,00.00$ more, so with this being said, they are dirty rotten scoundrels. I ad to cancel s trip because of needing my teeth pulled and a new set of dentures.

Again, there was only one license so I wonder if the are legal and if so they are *** as they come and make a dry pile look like a rose.

Also, calling customers ugly, really, they are trash cannot wait to take them to court. BBB has been notified along with hall of shame.

to suzannefriedly Topeka, Kansas, United States #1188810

Suzanne, the whole business model is a sham to circumvent state laws on dental practice.

They recruit a shady dentist with a license to be a sham-owner of many practices. This is to make the scam look legal to the authorities.

Many times, this dentist does not treat patients at any office. The dentists who treat you are recent graduates who are so desperate for work they stoop to work for A$pen. They also have state licenses.

The problem is the crooks who own the joint do NOT have dental licenses.

They are Wall Street investors. And they have enough lawyers to defeat you in any lawsuit you bring against them.

Your state board of dentistry cannot punish people who are not dentists. They can only act against dentists and hygienists. Your only hope is to complain to your state attorney general about A$pen.

If enough patients complain, perhaps he will act.

Four states attorneys-general have acted against A$pen. Usually, however, the crooks just pay the fine and continue business as usual.


Guess what? We don't care!

We don't want you or your ugly family coming to our office anyway. We already have another customer in your place.

to Aspen Dental Macomb, Michigan, United States #1188791

Ugly seriously you people are the most disgusting awful lying pieces of garbage. You hate the truth and you guys are the ugliest thing on earth so kiss off see you in court you just called my family ugly my family looks better than you 1 million fold so with this I am telling you that you lied to my face and took my money with non service so I'll see you in court as I said and the Better Business Bureau and Hall of shame.

Here businesses or so-called businesses will soon fail soon and all have you ugly liars will be hearing from my attorney very soon so for now kiss off and just wait to see the rest on the comments that are on Facebook and on your quote website. You are not reliable 100% you idiots.

to Aspen Dental #1189197

Ignore these idiots.

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