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I had an appointment at 5:00 for an extraction. I waited for and hour and a half.

They kept telling me that it would only be a few more minutes, but then 20 minutes later, they would say "only a few more minutes" again. People coming in after me kept going back for treatment. Most of them told me that they were there because they had complications from work that had been done the week before. I kept waiting and hoping to get my turn, but then finally gave up and left.

Two days later, Aspen charged my credit card $2084. They hadn't done anything but make me wait in their waiting room, and they charged me $2084! If I only had a gun....Don't worry Aspen.

You have not heard the end of this. You picked the wrong person to *** off!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Monetary Loss: $2084.

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I had an appointment at 5:00. When I went in the waiting room was full.

When I asked what was going on I was told their computers were down and they couldn't acsess anyone's records.

I didn't wait and am now afraid to make another appointment. I'm having extractions.

Boise, Idaho, United States #839529

Of all the comments about this sleazy operation, yours is the most incredible.

I hope you never, ever, patronize a corporate dental chain clinic like this again. There are plenty of honest dentists who own their own practices that treat patients honestly and punctually!

Syracuse, New York, United States #838725

You didn't want to wait 1 1/2 hours or pay $2,084 for no reason? You went to the wrong place.

You got had. Sounds like aspen is laying the pipe again. Take lube next time. If they charged your credit card, it will be a huge hassle getting it back now.

The office manager will have to call the regional manager who will have to call corporate who will have to call President Obama and you still will not hear anything back from them.

Better start the process now. Good luck

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