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Went to the new South Lebanon, Ohio location. Spent $2000.

for treatment of my gums and removal of a gold crown molar. Prior to the extraction I told the dentist I wanted my gold crown after removal. She said it was against the law. I persisted and said it was my property.

She said she would check with the office manager. After checking she said I could have it but it had to be disinfected overnight and I could pick it up the next day. When I went the following day I was told they could not find it and that they would give me a $15.00 credit on future services.

After spending over $2000.00 for four hours of dental work and the price of gold over $1600.00 an ounce I feel I really got the shaft. If only I had checked the countless complaints prior to going to Aspen Dental.

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Houston, Texas, United States #958567

U shuld paint your *** gold and go back and tell thems to suck on it.

Placerville, California, United States #958244

$2000 to extract a tooth? My dentist (in CA) just charged me $150 for an extraction & gave me a credit of $75 to keep my gold crown, which I don't want anyway.


I just had all my teeth extracted from an aspen dental in Indiana. They offered me my gold crown, sterilized it for me, and called the next day to tell me it was done and I could pick it up anytime. Just because one branch is corrupt doesn't mean the whole company is


Just an fyi. According to cdc anything removed from the body is consider bio- hazardous medical waste and should be disposed of properly.

Not given to u to take home. Also there is typically about 1 penny wt.

of gold at about 65% pure in a full gold crown. With the price of gold today that is about $12, so u got a good deal

to Price of gold Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #585588

thats bs

to Price of gold Placerville, California, United States #958246

My sons doctor gave him the needle that was removed from his toe after my son had stepped on the needle and it broke off in his big toe. My grandson had an extra tooth on the roof of his mouth & he was given a tooth shaped box to take it home in.


they are trying to steal your gold crown! they do it all the time, extract a tooth get a pile of gold crowns and send them in to get refined and get sent a check. i would raise *** with them, there is no law it has to disinfect overnight they are lying though their fake *** teeth.

Cardonald, Scotland, United Kingdom #413606

Make a compliant to the better business burea, they will push Aspen Dental's *** in.


Let them know that you will be seeing an attorney.

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