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Aspen Dental reached out and offered to finish my upper denture at no additional charge, but I believe that was part of the original contract anyway. They have new staff in this office and their communication skills leave a lot to be desired, but at least they are trying to satisfy me.

I pick them up tonight so I am hoping for the best. The staff deserve props for trying to be as helpful as corporate will allow him to be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

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Sorry to sound so negative but I would bet you will end up wishing you did not follow through on this, just an opinion by an ex-Aspen customer.


Of course dentures are supposed to be "finished" at no additional charge. Would you buy a new house at market price and expect to pay additional for someone else to "finish" it by paving the driveway, installing locks, A/C, and all the other things people expect a new house to have?

Another news flash: You just don't "pick a denture up" like a repaired lawn mower.

The bite must be checked, and minor adjustment made. The avery WELL-MADE denture takes about 3 adjustment appointments before the patient is totally comfortable.

I can't imagine the number of of adjustments that are necessary to make piece of cr@p dentures like those made at A$pen into something that are comfortable enough to be worn daily.

Expect to see "new staff" at every A$pen appointment. No employees worth their salt stay in shyster corporate clinics like this for long.

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