i bought dentures basic $700. but the lady that wrote the contract billed my insurance for better teeth clasic $1290 for the teeth.

i had taller what they made for me i can't eat with these because the front teeth are 1/8 tall.

i grind my teeth i my sleep but i had bigger teeth the lady told the dentist that i had basic refused to make me another pair.i had to turn them in to my insaunce company for fraud. they are getting a second opion and will get my moeny back so i can go to another dr.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $590.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #782840

You should NEVER wear dentures while you are sleeping.

Why do you think you will get good dentures made by a corporate chain dental clinic owned by investors rather than dentists?

Medford, Oregon, United States #659151

I went to them for an infected root on a Mon..they took z-rays and told me to come back on Friday to get it pulled..my face was even swollen from it. They take you to the

'office manager" to discuss payment...get your credit card number..I was in such pain I called my regular dentist and had it pulled the next day..then a week later I get a a notice that my credit card had been billed this hugh amount of money for nothing..they did nothing!!

Bait and Switch is what they do. I called the office up and the "office manager" was as rude as s88t..ened up calling the main headquarters to get my money transfered back to my card..never go there, lots of friends tried it and the same type of thing happens to all of them.


They look like perfectly good dentures. Im not sure what the pictures are trying to show but tgey appear to be just fine. Also you should not sleep with your dentures in at night as it will deprive the gum tissue of oxygen.

to Denturist Medford, Oregon, United States #659155

Doesn't matter what they look like...they didn't fit her!!! :x She didn't say she slept with them on..she grinds her teeth or use to do it.

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