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I am a former employee. After a year of being hounded to sell roofs, my impression of this company is very low. The owner has no tools and he brags about it. Thus the trickle down effect is that they have no real construction experience, just selling and contracting. Which translates to their relying on the "hire anyone with a nail gun" attitude to get the contract fulfilled, and the money collected.The main function of the company is to write contracts and over bill insurance companies

My experience was this: They use whatever sub contractor they can find, no installer is a " company crew". Insured crews are marginal.

The workmanship varies and is inconsistent from roof to roof. Every job I built had a different crew, some as new as the first job, needed a Work repair order the very next day and required constant supervision. The company attitude is to get the signed contract and get a lot of them. They consistently up-charge the insurance companies with inflated final invoices. And they do not support the sales help in any way. A typical sales person will be low paid and swamped with detailed work for what amounts to below minimum wage. Most sales help lasts less than two months.

If you had a roof built by them, I recommend you have it independently inspected and make use of the "10 year warranty" that they include as part of the presentation and sales hook. The bottom line is they market roofs and really don't do that well of a job building them. I recommend a truly local company in your town.

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the aspen contracting that did my roof in massachusetts was awesome! Fast, affordable and excellent job on my roof. i'd recommend them to everybody.

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