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They won't put atooth on my denture unless I get a doctor to see me for a exzame they Will Bill my insurance for the exzame I am late for work that pays the bills all I want is my tooth that keeps falling off put back on also it's under warranty other stores don't have this rule

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No need to call him a retard


The word is "Exam." The tooth keeps falling off, and you just want to bring the denture in like a broken lawn mower and have them fix it again and again. Then the tooth will come off again.

They need to examine you to determine WHY the tooth keeps coming off. It is probably something to do with your bite. Then they can fix the CAUSE, so you don't keep having to have the tooth replaced.

MAKE SENSE? Denture patients can be such retards!

to Anonymous #1581611

I'm sorry that I spelled something wrong I didn't have time to see the doctor I work out of the state I only had enough time to get it put on there's nothing wrong with the bite also how can you tell if the bite is wrong if the tooth not there I was eating a NY strip that was a little bit tough when it came off

to Anonymous #1584219

The dentist would have needed to see you for under 5 minutes to look at your bite. You don't know if there is anything wrong with your bite because you have never taken courses in occlusion or prosthodontics.

If a tooth keeps falling out something is wrong, probably with the bite, and it needs to be corrected. You just don't hand a denture to someone for repair like you hand someone a broken vacuum cleaner to fix.

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