My experience of Aspen Dental is that it does not preview the procedure with the patient even when you call in advance several times before the appointment. A large number of X-Rays are taken even for a basic teeth cleaning.

When I asked them to stop the X-Raying, until I could talk to the dentist on duty. I asked to see a doctor. A woman who came out in disguise of the doctor was their office manager. Incompetent, careless, hungry for insurance money, nausea-causing gloves, disinterested dentists, it must be remembered as a business with a hidden agenda - and that agenda is to extract as much money as possible.

After the X-Rays (20 of them), they told me that would not schedule cleaning on the same day. Why did they not tell you this when you told them that you are going there today just get the cleaning done?

Avoid them at any cost! Go to a local family dentistry, as I did by terminating their service after the first day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I agree completely with DDS. In my private office, no one gets a cleaning on their first appointment, because each person can need a different treatment. So we can't expect the hygienist to hope that the new patient will want to go through with a deep cleaning if that is what is necessary.


Whenever you go to ANY dentist as a new patient, they will need full mouth x-rays, which is usualy about 18-20 x-rays. No dentist will do ant treatment plan on you without x-rays, unless he/she wants trouble.

So that is not really a good reason to be upset with any dentist. And beleive it or not, nobody will do "just a cleaning" without a proper diagnosis, unless, again, dentist doesn't care about his/her career.

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