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My husband has been into the St. Josep,MO office NUMEROUS times to get his Dentures adjusted.

He is not able to eat drink or TALK without them falling out of his mouth. He is very UNHAPPY with the last visit the dentist told him he needs surgery to cut the roof of his mouth. Which they do that there. Well that will not happen.

When we made his appointment just before the pandemic at a huge discount and Aspen called and cancelled twice. Then told him he'd have to pay full price! He is very unhappy. HE wants a refund due to the teeth do not fit and and each time HE goes in its a different excuse to why they don't fit.

HE has Parkinson's & Tardive Dyskinesia and has lost so much weight due to him not being able to eat with teeth that are falling out while eating. And yes he's used every type of adhesive & powders .

I am his Power of Attorney and this issue needs to be resolved soon so if you could contact him directly he would be able to explain a little better. thank you..

User's recommendation: Check out your local dentist before you go to a big chain dentistry company.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Sorry but patients with Tardive Dyskinesia can rarely wear lower dentures, as their tongue moves around too much. Four implants to hold the lower in would be the only hope. Don't even think that a sleazy outfit like Aspen could even begin to do a project like that.

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