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On the advice of a friend I went to Aspen dental office in Bangor Me. Did their x-ray & exam .

A dentist stated I would never tell a pt. to have their teeth all pulled in your case it is necessary,do to nerve and gum inflammation. With a family history of coronary problems & a nurse I knew that this could effect my health. I didn't get a second opinion ...

get one . Nov.2008 4 thousand dollars later I am so unhappy with the dentures I received . I had the permanent ones done at queensbury,ny office office also sucked . the dentist didn't speak English well & I felt like an inconvenience to her rather than a pt.

terrible bedside manner also the Dr. at the Bangor office too. I feel Aspen hires dentist that are so burnt out that they have lost their feeling for their Patients. Bottom line don't trust them ...

and when I told them I was upset they really didn't do anything to help me. My follow up care with the Bangor office 4/10 again seemed rushed and didn't help me at all.

I look like bugs bunny the teeth are so big and I bagged them not to have them be like that so much for careing about what the pt. wants.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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