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I guess I am lucky I refused all the work they wanted my husband (who has blood cancer- no concern for them) to do to his teeth.These people are crooks.

In the Conway SC location I feel it is RUN by a transplanted New Yorker egotistical hygienist, who stabs gums too deep then claims you(and seems all who go there) have advanced gum disease. DUH, by the time most of us are in our mid sixties our gums and bone are not as they used to be.She needs to go back to New York where I imagine she will just be doing basic cleanings and stop taking advantage of all the poor people in SC. I will take my husband to a credible dentist who will work with his oncologist to be sure things are safely done.

And should he need a periodontist we will go see one.Not have his gums scraped by a hygienist masquerading as a periodontist.


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Patients are not-predestined to have gum disease after age 60.A little gum recession, perhaps, but not inflammatory gum disease with ligament and bone loss.

Of course, chemotherapy will likely have an adverse effect on gum health. Which is why it is important to get your husband in good oral health before cancer treatment.

You got to remember that hygienists at A$pen are on commission, with a gun to their heads to produce a target amount of revenues. Sometimes the chart gum pockets fraudulently so as to justify more expensive gum treatment. A$pen's favorite scam is to upcode simple cleanings to "deep scaling and root planing."

Like many states, SC has a dental school, and plenty of good dentists practice there.

In the future, please ignore health professionals that advertise on TV.They are usually ripoff artists.

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