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I went to Aspen Dental in Evansville Indiana because of the new promotion for free exam and x-rays. They found 6 cavities and told me it was going to cost me over 2,600 bucks.

Im a single parent with two children. I cant afford that!! I thought that it was kind of weird the dentist found 6 cavities that had formed in less than 6 months, the time of my last dentist appointment. Luckily for me I was able to finally afford health insurance.

I went to not one, but TWO different dentists.

BOTH of them couldn't find the 6 cavities. Now someone please tell me whats wrong with this picture?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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As the benefits manager for my company I have seen many of our employees ripped off by Aspen Dental. In my opinion, this is not a reputable company and I am yet to hear anyone speak of having a positive experience with them. One of our employees walked away with a $7,000.00 bill for one visit after she was told that she had some serious dental issues which she may or may not have had.


What is wrong is that you you need to report this to someone in order to make them realize that they cannot continue these practices. As long as the dissatisfied remain silent, they will continue these practices. STAND UP AND LET THEM YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU!!!!!


Same thing happened to me! I had 8 "cavities" that would cost $900 to fill AFTER insurance.

She then immediately asked me how I would like to pay for all these procedures. Ridiculous!

After they messed up my appointment 3 times, I was ready to get out of there!! The office manager didn't even explain the procedures.

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