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I was asking do your single office which one is the located in Sacramento around but nobody providing me your corporate phone number they don't provide me proper service only one things the guy name is Ryan Luco his phone number 720-278-**** so far I find out he is the Working Man In Charge for all kind of misbehavior misconduct bad service overcharging send them to the different dentist what's the weather out looking at a store and he proceeded what do you need it after that the charge the full money agreement is dealing deal done after that I had to start playing slowly slowly his card as you think of the people otherwise throw on the street all use your own liver die he don't care then he offering do I get return your money no people need a service the service you are signed it and you get full paid one more do teams please do not go by spelling check go my matter I know I am taking the old responsibility whatever I write beginning to end thank you please pay the attention if I die only ASPEN Dental Group is responsible dental care whatever is the name

Update by user Aug 18, 2021

You are asking I give you some star so let me tell you the honesty's I do not want to give you a nice car if I give it to zero according to your service I'm insulting the zero is supposed to whatever the customer they give you the star supposed to take it out and I mean to say that

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You asking for my review for the company so my review for the company this company employees no manner of talk to peoples so called DDS doing the wrong kind of practice the tech my tooth pull out which one do you need it and then trying to charge more money with forcefully after the agreement and full payment I paid it they make it worse my life if I die only Aspen Dental are responsible this massage read any of employee Aspen dental service please call me at 916 796 ****

User's recommendation: I will never recommend any of people to go aspe and gentle because the name of practice the try to kill the people I do try to edit some video the video is too long to how is behaving your employee with the customer.

Preferred solution: I want to whatever mistake there done that fix my tooth how was the contract Plus the ticket out the tooth they're not supposed to fix that also as wellNext did I lose any money you put my life in the danger.

Aspen Dental Cons: There are providing horrible service after they take the money.

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