Mckeesport, Pennsylvania

I am a former office manager for Aspen Dental. I quit when I got sick of working 55 hours a week for 40 hours pay and losing sleep over lying to patients and insurance companies.

I was told directly by the dentist and my manager to tell my patients "the doctor recommends it" to relieve my guilty conscience when prescribing treatment that I knew was overpriced and not needed. The poor patients rely on the ethics of a healthcare professional and when I found out my dentist was in on it just for the profit margin it became too much. Also, due to some insurance companies taking it for our word that some procedures that are covered are necessary, they paid for them. I knew that they were not needed so that seemed like insurance fraud to me.

I was a softy and didn't pressure my patients enough due to my sense of compassion so I was not as successful as I could have been. I just walked out one day with no forewarning and do not regret it. The corporate management may or may not know about what is going on because I was always told by the people in Syracuse to do what is best for the patient. I do know that after I quit I sent the higher ups my reasons for walking out and I was not replied to.

Also, my regional manager was constantly in fear of losing her job due to numbers, numbers, numbers.

I know what sales people do for numbers so for me to believe the owners in Syracuse are dumb to it doesn't make sense but I have no proof. Regardless, I felt the need to share to some of you innocents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Insurance.

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Billed my insurance before work was done askef for detailed statement and was denied


Don't kid yourself. Upper management including President Bob Fontana knows full well the scams that are going on. The only thing they care about is acceptable ROI for private equity investors that own Aspen Dental


They ruined my teeth and charged extremely too much for procedures. I have 3 broken teeth that are a result of poor materials and work from fillings.

I had to pay thousands in advance and was told after going to the BBB that I could no longer be a patient and my work was far from complete. Over the course of a year, one tooth was refilled 3 times causing it to become fragile and break. Two other fillings fell out and caused those molars to explode. A $1200 crown was damaged when it was put in and chipped, causing my dentist to file it down and he wouldn't replace it just refund it...that was a front tooth.

Another crown was very sensitive and still causes me issues. That crown was replaced during that year and the dentist wasn't happy with me for complaining. A staff worker was called fat in front of me by the dentist and he also became unprofessional by talking sexually to me and a female friend. I am now trying to get refunded for the poor work done so that i can get the dental care i desperately need by a respectable dentist.

It cost me $300 for an extraction through Aspen and i paid $100 for 2 extractions from another dentist. I was given a $12,000 quote for dentures by aspen and told I was too young at 28. Do not go to aspen dental. They prey on the vulnerable and poor.

I didnt realize how overpriced they are until after my bad experience and don't want others to fall victim. I wish the original poster would contact me because i am trying to form a malpractice suit and potentially a class action suit in Tennessee against Aspen.


Aspen tried to scam me in feb 2012, saying i need gum scraping and fillings that werent needed (my new real dentist confirmed this). They tried to make me pay out of pocket for services that were supposed to be covered by my insurance, and when I told the "salesgirl" I should not be paying becuase i KNEW what my insurance covered, she acted confused and pretended to call somebody on the phone about it!!

I almost laughed in her face, but wanted to see how far she would take this. Then she went on to tell me my wisdom teeth needed to be pulled as they were all impacted! LOL AGAIN NO TRUE!!!! She had a pamphlet all ready to give me a sales pitch about my gums and how I had gingavitis that is reversible now, but wont be soon if i dont get my gums scraped!

Syracuse NY Onondaga BLVD Aspen Dental, you are all SCAMMERS. Insurance Fraud and I am going to report it.


You all are aware that Dr. Pino is from another country right? I don't know a second language, but if I did, I'm sure I would stink at spelling.


Aspen tried to recruit me as a dentist and the recruiter was overly aggressive. Overall, you could tell that the dentist ends up being a puppet for the corporation.

@14 yrs of experience your statement about dentist being all the MD's that have failed medical school is untrue.

Don't speak on things unless you've been through it.

Dental school is not easy. What was your career choice?


:eek Wow, that is quite the story! They really do suck!

What a scam!!!

And I agree with the others comments re: anelin pino -- please go back to school and learn to spell! Sounds like some of these people you call on "information" and they have the nerve to get pissed at YOU because YOU can't understand THEM!


@HA, Hard to have little man syndrome when you're female.

If you have worked for the company you know what you're reading is true. You also have heard the conversations behind the counter.

If you have never worked for Aspen then you don't really have a way to know what it's like so shut up.


Anelin Pino needs to re-do her 8 year education. She forgot to add "Spelling" as one of her subjects. I always heard Dentist were all the MD's that failed med school anyway.


Anelin Pino needs to re-do her 8 year education. She forgot to add "Spelling" as one of her subjects. I always heard Dentist were all the MD's that failed med school anyway.


Your kidding right?! So u went to a few meetings in Ny n u think u can diagnose decay, perio, cancer, restorative work.

Im sorry u couldn't *** ur job. Leave the diagnosing and treatment up to the professionals. Sound like someone has little man syndrome...

But I'm not a doctor so I won't jump to that conclusion... :)


I know what you're saying @emmtampa. I wouldn't do it either. I left the same way you did and don't regret it at all.


@ Jack, I was thinking the same

Steven R

I knew the dentist personally by working closely with him daily. He and I discussed the treatment plan he wrote up.

If I could get the customer to pay for it that was cool. If the customer was smart and knew the real deal, I would pretend to be confused and go talk to the dentist and get a rewritten treatment plan.

The dentists get a portion of the office bottom line and that I knew going in. What the dentist flat out told me was that if it cost the patient more and he made more then he would write a more expensive treatment plan regardless of needs.


Do you have a dental bAckgoubd? Your a dentist and cant even spell. Wow i would feel safe in your hands.


U mention u where a manager for aspen dental my only quetion to u is how do u knew the treatment the dentist was recommending for the patients was not need it?

do u have any dental background or education I'm a dentist and it amaze me everytime a secretary an office manager or even the dental assistant think they know what the patient needs or what the treatment plan should be if it was it that easy we shoulnt be going to school for more than 8 years to get our education.

how would u know if the patient need the treatment or not with no dental education or bAckgoubd?

@anelin pino

You've got to be kidding. You have "more than 8 years of education" including completing a doctoral program, and cannot spell simple words?

Even educated foreign nationals can write better than you can.

I don't believe you are a dentist!