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I went to Aspen with xrays in hand done 2 months or less prior from another Dentist. They said they needed their own.

I also had a cleaning prior to going there. I just needed a Crown from a broken molar because they were on my dental plan.. They said I needed another cleaning $700 later the picture is what I got after 4 very deep injections to numb my mouth for cleaning..Mind you my Ins was covering $ 875 plus the$ 700 I paid. They wanted $2,400 to do it all.

They wouldnt do the Crown unless I got the cleaning done first. See pic below this is 2 days later.. The injections hurt so bad and Im not a wimp.. I called the next day told them about my jaw with a lump and redness..They said I could come in the next day they would charge me.They never called me back..

Omg! I went to a walkin clinic they put me on Antibiotics.. My jaw is still not right after 3 days.. The dentists didnt put me on Antibiotics prior to a deep cleaning..

I still have abroken tooth and no Crown. Out $700.00 and I will never go back there. So now Im and step one again.

I dont know what to do. Cant stand them they are a racket

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No reputable dentist puts patients on antibiotics before scalings and root planings, unless they have immune system problems. If a tooth is hurting, you need a root canal not a crown.

We are taught to always treat the patient complaint first. It was a lie that they had to do deep scalings before they got you out of pain. Can't really tell much from your picture. Can't even tell what it is a picture of.

Your chin? Next time, skip the corporate chop shops and go to an independent dentist who is not under the thumb of shysters from Wall Street.


It's a picture of my jaw bone towards my chin and down my neck. My tooth was not hurting. All I wanted was a Crown because it had a large chip out of it..


I will never go back