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I had my original front teeth, and Dr. Sidney Warren Shultz said I brushed very well.

But, when I told him I do not take any anesthetic medicine, all of the sudden he pulled out a metal apparatus and like a maniac, he suddenly pulled out my front top teeth. There were no cavities, but he just said "This will be better". I did not go there for cosmetic reasons and the way he shoved the teeth into my mouth, it made me have an overbite. Then he went out of his way to show me the spoils of his war as he put a mirror into my mouth.

The teeth were gone, so I was now looking at hollow sunken in cheeks. There were no cavities, but he just said; This will look better. I had the feeling he was mad because I did not use anesthetic's and sometimes that does tend to pad the pocket's. Then he said this will look better as he tried to put in a line of fake teeth.

They were much larger than my original teeth, yet each middle tooth was a different size. He had told me that I had a small mouth, but the teeth he tried to shovel into my mouth had to be slanted because they was two long. More like Elephant size. But I am only 5 ft.

4. and he told me I had a small mouth; Where as my husband say's I have a loud mouth. Just kidding to stop from crying. I really was crying about this situation quite a bit.

And, my poor husband who had to listen to me crab and cry about the situation. We are senior citizens and my husband Roger has a full time job as a letter carrier and also works as a DJ on Sunday's. My teeth were above average and I am an adamant health nut. Okay.

I like ice-cream... A lot!

. I went to another dentist a few months before and they said, I did not have any cavities at all! Why did Dr.

Sidney Shultz say I brushed my teeth very well! But out of the blue Dr. Sidney Shultz said, this will be better! Better for Dr.

Shultz but not for me. Not only did he pull out a metal apparatus; He jumped up and pulled my front teeth out with it! I told Dr. Shultz that I do not take any anethetic's and he didn't seemed happy about it but then he said, "Some People Do".

I didn't have time to analize that comment. But he never told me what had a

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An acquaintance from my part of town made that comment and he has a cast on his arm, so it was difficult for him to write.


How does not using anesthetics pad the pockets of a dentist since lidocaine injections are included in the cost of every dental procedure? Not even Aspen shysters charge for them!