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Caution, beware of this dental practice, they damaged my tooth to the tune of $2000 in Klamath Falls, Oregon Pursuant to H.R.5111 - Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016 I am posting publicly my experience with: Two Thirty Dental LLC owned by Dr. George McKee also known as: Aspen Dental of Klamath Falls, Oregon Aspen Dental of Roseburg, Oregon and Dr.

Mark Habermeyer DDS (formerly of Aspen Dental, Klamath Falls, OR) I am a victim of lies, libel and cover up because this practice refuses to accept responsibility for substandard work done in my mouth. I filed a complaint with the OR Board of Dentistry which was denied. When I called back and talked with the director, it seemed that they missed a key point in my original complaint and advised me to submit another complaint which I have done. This practice has cost me not only four months of pain (and counting) while I am waiting on others to find fault with their work, but to realize I am the one who will pay the $2,000 to repair the damage they have caused is beyond my comprehension.

Learn more here: www.twothirtydentalcaution.org Oh and please be advised, although this practice employs licensed dentists, they do NOT do all of the work, but rather pass off advanced responsibilities to their dental assistants (which in some cases is legal to my dismay). I already had a problem caused by another dentist with this tooth, and naively chose Aspen Dental to repair the work. Had I known an actual dentist would NOT be doing ALL of the work, I never would have walked through the doors that day. Enter those doors at your own risk if you so choose, but please post your comments as soon as possible at the above website link if you too have had a bad experience.

If I can warn even one person, preventing them from the tremendous pain and suffering Ive endured, then I can say at least there is something good to come out of this dental disaster. Please, dont become their next victim! Its not fun; it's extremely painful, at least that was my experience. This website is specifically for Aspen Dental of Klamath Falls, Oregon, and Aspen Dental of Roseburg, Oregon.

If you have had trouble with a different Aspen Dental office please do not post here. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: $2000 to cover a root canal and new crown. This does not include pain and suffering which I've endured for nearly FOUR solid months..

Aspen Dental Cons: Lying they did to make their case.

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Update: At the time of this entry the cost would have been $2000 IF only Aspen Dental owned up to their error and helped me get their botched work fixed. Unfortunately it seemed that Aspen Dental damaged the tooth to death.

There was no saving it probably when I walked out their doors that day, but it was a year later before I found out for sure. They saw the inflammation caused by their botched work, but guess what? They let me go without ANY treatment recommendations. NOPE you are FINE.

BYE. In fact they banned me soon after. Why? Because they thought that would shut me up for good.

LOL HA HA HA HA So add all the $$ spent TRYING to save a tooth and my bill over a year later is appx $5000. Not including pain suffered for over a year, not including 13 visits to a dentist, time, gas and frustration over a simple crown procedure turning into a $5000 bill that I am responsible for? So Aspen Dental, ask yourself, if someone in YOUR family went to a dentist thinking the dentist would do the work, but turns out the hygienist (NOT dental assistant as was stated in the first entry above) did it (something she's not licensed for but something Dr. H told me she was hmmmm), would YOU sit back and say OH WELL we will just go somewhere else and have them repair it, not a big deal.

Yeah right. Please join Boycott Aspen Dental com today!


Thanks to all for warning us all about this so called Dental office and I am speaking definite of the one I had bad experience from in Mcdonough Ga. with Dr.

K. Oh embarrassing office.

I wish I had known about their reputation before going there. Than k God we can help other people by telling our problems.


please contact us at B.A.D. we would LOVE to hear from you or anyone else who has been hurt by Aspen Dental (or those who care).


Update by the author: it was pointed out to me that it was the hygienist

not the dental assistant who did advanced work, which is legal providing

they follow the rules. You can read a full update @ www.twothirtydentalcautioi

@Original Author

I was given wrong information that day. NO it was NOT legal what she did.

Aspen Dental does this. They pass off advanced work to lower paying (not as educated or experienced) staff to line their pockets with YOUR money!!!! Aspen Dental, you must stop preying on innocent people.

You are forgetting there is a God and He knows what you are doing. You will NEVER EVER get away with this.


Dr. McGee and Dr.

Habermeyer do NOT own the offices. They are/were what is called "sham owner dentists." They own a shell corporation. A$pen owns the offices. BUT to run the scam of non-dentist investors owning a dental clinic (which is illegal) A$pen CLAIMS to Oregon authorities that these dentists own the clinic and A$pen just "manages" it for them.

A$pen and other clinic chains run this scam all over the USA.

You have to be careful with charges.

Just because you were in pain after a procedure doesn't mean anything was done wrong.

Hope you learned your lesson and stay clear of these corporate *** operations in the future. No good can come to patients when Wall Street investors own dental practices instead of licensed dentists.

@Seasoned Dentist

Thank you. The truth must be exposed.

Yes, the dental assistant seated a crown with permanent cement over an exposed nerve.

The dentist disappeared from the room, didn't want to deal with it and left the DA to do the dirty work. Furthermore, the crown they placed is junk; causes constant problems.


Aspen's crowns are made in china from recycled toilet bowl porcelain and god knows what other toxic junk. Now aspen charged you money to walk around with that in your mouth!


It might be legal for assistants to cement temporary crowns, but in no states I am aware of are assistants able to cement permanent crowns. So that is a state practice law violation right there. Of course, when questioned, both dentist and assistant will deny it happened.


Yes you are correct, BUT I'm banking on the fact that both are LONG gone and why would they try to cover for the thieves they worked for? Probably to save their own behinds, BUT (no pun intended) lying under oath is perjury and there were witnesses. I'm hoping that one of those people actually has integrity!