I never took care of my teeth and that is no one else's fault but my own.I went to Aspen for an evaluation and they confirmed I had gum disease which I already knew.

X-rays were taken and my plan was put together. All my lower teeth except for the eye teeth needed to be extracted on the lower. The upper needed to have the front 4 removed and 4 cavities done on remaining top teeth. Everything went great for me, I started it on July 3rd 2014, now I can wear my immediate upper and lower and eat with no pain.

It was not like that from the start but I kept coming back for alignments and finally all went well. My advice to everyone is keep coming back until they fit perfectly, I did and never needed an appointment. Thanks to everyone at the Easton, Pa office for your caring and patience.

In 5 months I will have the permanent dentures but I can eat fine now.It's great to smile again...Bill Schieber, I am not an employee and if you have any questions feel free to e mail me at bombardier1979@yahoo.com

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Don't buy what their selling you my friend...go get a second opinion they are infamous for telling people they have peridontal disease&need extractions when they have no problems or far fewer than they tell you.They won't do what they say and you'll be miserable if you live thru what they do to you.

Please get a 2nd opinion & don't go near them. Please trust me-I now have no teeth and there is nothing I can do to change that at this point.

Please don't go foreward with them until you see a regular good dentist it will be worth it in the long run.I promise you!

Boise, Idaho, United States #850542

A common mistake in dentures is to place the denture teeth where they ended up after periodontal disease, instead of in the more ideal position.When most people smile, the lower front teeth are either not visible, or just barely above the lower lip line.

In deep *** cases or after years of periodontal disease, the lower teeth extrude, giving an unnatural excessive display of lower teeth.

Instead of correcting this in you denture, it appears the lab techs just duplicated the unnatural tooth position.

Either that, or you have a very strange way of retracting your lower lip when smiling, that few other patients have. Thank goodness these are temporary dentures. If you find a dentist and lab tech at this chain with any sense, they can make the lower tooth position in the lower denture more ideal. But don't count on it.

Few patients realize the challenges in making good dentures which make the process so difficult.

We dentists have to guess, through studying photos when the patient was young, where the denture teeth should be ideally placed. It is not enough to know where the position is before extraction. Then when plastic teeth are placed in the ideal position of youth, we sweat bullets hoping the patient's tongue and cheeks will re-adapt to the original positions.

Fortunately, there are patients like you who will adapt to nearly anything, and are not picky about looks.These constitute the few "successes" for the dental chains.

to henrius #850575

I hear some jealousy from this post, I am happy with my looks and I can eat pain free as well. I have been to many of you FINE dentist and many have no clue what the *** they are doing so market your practice some where else

to Anonymous Boise, Idaho, United States #850661

I am happy you had a good dentist at this clinic.One thing I can guarantee you: he will not be there for long.

These chain clinics are a horrible place to work and dentists stay there only until they can find something better or open their own practices.

If you notice, I divulge no personal contact information in any of my posts.That is because my intention is not to market my practice, but to help patients understand what a mistake they are making with their health when they go to corporate chain clinics owned by investor groups instead of dentists.

to henrius #851006

Of course the dentist will move on with experience. Same with Lawyers and Doctors. What bothers me is as I read it seems people just give up and don't demand that they get fixed to fit and be comfortable and this is from corporate and private practice

to Anonymous #991715

And your new choppers look great!

to henrius #991713

What purpose could you possibly have in posting your obvious self-serving derogatory comments about this understandably proud gentleman's new dentures?!?You certainly are not going to offer to replace these perfectly fine dentures with your much more brilliantly designed ones at no charge to the patient.

Sometimes it's so simple, as our Mother's used to tel us, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything.You should have listened more to your Mother.

to Anonymous Topeka, Kansas, United States #991778

I am not henrius, but no one can tell much about esthetics with this distorted photograph, except that the lower teeth appear to be unnaturally elevated, like henries wrote.

Do you find it strange that the patient posted a laudatory report on a website designed for complaints? Think A$pen might have prompted him to do this?

Boise, Idaho, United States #850430

Sure seems like the lower denture teeth are mighty short and you show a lot of pink plastic when you smile, but if you are happy with the looks, more power to you.

Sure glad you saved the lower canines as this will make a tremendous difference. I like to put magnetic attachments in the denture that attach to the lower canine roots, but a chain clinic will not know how the heck to do this.

I don't understand. You said you kept coming back for adjustment appointments until they fit, then in the same paragraph you said you never needed any follow-up appointments.

to henrius #850572

To answer the top post, you are seeing the plastic because I am not smiling naturally but rather trying to show entire denture.As the question about coming back for adjustments I meant that they hurt and had to be re-lined but I never had to make an appointment, just walk in to have it done.

I do agree that by saving those lower teeth is a big help because they allow the denture to lock on to something.

I can understand that if there was nothing to hold it I am sure there would be many problems.Can you have posts put in for the denture to snap on to and hold in place?

to Anonymous Boise, Idaho, United States #850652

There are many ways to attach canine (and other tooth) roots to dentures.Most guys use something called "Locator" attachments which are like miniature snaps found on clothing.

The bad part about these nylon snaps is they need replacement about every year. The good part is they are very cheap attachments to replace.

For 25 years, I have been using magnets as my preferred overdenture attachment.

The ones from Aichi in Japan are the best ones out there, lasting 5 years and longer, but must be imported directly from Japan.

Expect any sort of cast attachments to fit the roots of teeth to cost about $1000 per tooth.But they are worth it.

to henrius #851065

So why would I need other attachments? My lower partial has 2 holes that slip over the eye teeth. There is no movement at all and they fit tight and no problem with speech, eating etc..

to henrius #851463

As an actual competant dentist, let me tell you magnets are a joke and pure quackary. An archaic technique gone the way of blood letting, please take a ce course and get your skill set into the modern age of dentistry. Especially if you are going to give people advise.

to henrius Boise, Idaho, United States #851468

To Actual Dentist: The only way I can can explain your ignorance is you work for a corporate chain clinic.I am talking about magnetic heads on tooth roots or implants, NOT opposing magnets in dentures.

Hmm, does someone with a doctorate make two spelling mistakes in one post?

I have presented table clinics on magnetic system at an ADA meeting, a Hinman meeting, and a Chicago midwinter meeting.

If that is not enough, there are TWO books on the subject.

(No, I did not write them.) I will get the titles if you are interested.

Guess thousands of Asian dentists who use magnets are foolish.When you get a chance, Google Aichi Steel Magfit magnets.

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