After all of the adjustment appointments, my Fri 12302011 visit was a disgrace to the dental field. There are not enough words to describe what happened to me.

After a 3.5 hour office visit, my dentures are worse off than they were before I went into the office. My mouth is so very sore due to poor workmanship. I came home with a headache and made another appointment for Mon 010212. This will be 'fixed'.

I don't threaten noone...I just followup and make their life as miserable as they have made mine. It is Sunday 01012012 and my head still hurts and my mouth is even worse hurting. I have pictures taken just in case they are needed.

I would not recommend Aspen to anyone. My mouth is absolutely in pain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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Oh my !! My husband was going to try Aspen, his 1st appointment was this week !

Glad I found all these reviews before we went through with it. We'll stay with our regular dentist !


I am so mad with this place ASPEN DENTAL they do need to be shut down.....sooo decietful this company is.....I just recieved my perminit dentures and they look just like the temporarys when they were new...I have a long 9 months of complaints with this company and I am one of those unhappy customers that mr. happydentest thought would keep there mouth shut and not say a world...people need to know what these people are about....no feelings for the me the patient.....I will be back with more and continueing my serch on this matter....had I know what aspen dental was I would of not given them almost 10,000 is what mine cost....they pulled 27 teeth i believe it was......was it nessesary now I wonder???? signed...seeing RED


this is why i love aspen dental. i get all the awesome patients who dont complain, have taken care of their teeth so they still have their own (hint hint) and pay me an appropriate amount for the excellent service i provide.



can you say the location where this took place? sounds lot like my mom..

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