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Aspen Dental messed me up and I want a refund and all of the rest of the money that i was going to spend there back. I went in they told me I had periodontal deases and told me that i needed so much work done that is was going to cost me 4,000 dollars.

Anyhow thinking that i was in danger basically I go and get the treatment done and they tell me that i need to get my wisdom teeth tooken out well my bottem to at least. Anyhow I got cancelled the first time and then they call me two days before the day of surgery and they didnt even know that I was coming in for the surgery so they pull my record or whatever and they say oh here is a note stating she is here for this. They did not know that I was to be put under nothing so i had a bad feeling from the beginning. Well I wake up ffrom the surgery and not to metion a friend worked there and they allowed her to take a picture while i was under and she posted it to my facebook like really how professional.

Anyhow they never gave me any medicine for infection nothing. they gave me pain meds and sent me on my way. since then i have went to the er after going back and telling them something was wrong and them only giving me muscle relaxers. So i go to er to find out that I have a surgical infection on both sides and so they give me medication finally.

Well nothing is feeling any better it is all just getting worse to the point of where i can not take it anymore my ears are hurting not like a ear ache and i still can not open my mouth i can barly eat anything nothing is working, on top of it all they have dif oral surgans every week f that place i wanna sue the f out of them but how to do go abbout it. Sorry for messed up words not to happy right now.

Im starting to miss work for this issue also... and i have children to raise off of my own salary

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Peru, Illinois, United States #565190

I want to comment on my post that I wrote about aspen dental. i talked to the manager that takes care of the problems from above and she took care of all of my issues I have and had.

I will say they do help you when you need it not everything you hear about aspen dental is horrible because obviously my problems have been fixed. Thank you so much I appriciate it aspen dental....

to helpmeout9 Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States #565595

Whatever. How much did they pay you????? Lol.

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