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To seek quick and effective relief including financial compensation for your complaint against Aspen Dental read the following -

There are two fundamental components inherent to Aspen's misconduct which patients have been reporting to us regarding the upcoming class action case (posted to this site on August 02, 2010); you must decide under which category you fall and take the following action to initiate an immediate (and free)remedy to your problem:

(1) DENTAL MALPRACTICE in which you were physically injured – This complaint is limited to the practice of a health care profession by a professionally licensed individual; any complaints regarding injury should be reported to the STATE DENTAL BOARD who will investigate your complaint and provide you with direction. I would suggest that you collect a copy of your dental x-rays taken by Aspen, including dentist names & treatment notes, and contact your STATE DENTAL BOARD to file a formal complaint against the dentist or all of the Aspen dentists involved in your case. In your complaint, you should request that these dentists be held financially accountable for the damage they have caused to you and cover the future costs of restoring your mouth to health and function by another dentist not associated with Aspen. In your communication to the Board, your complaint against these dentists should include the words: dental malpractice and dental incompetence.

(2) CONSUMER FRAUD which is a "criminal" business activity designed to defraud unsuspecting customers of the Aspen Dental franchise operation. An incredible majority of patients have reported that they were victims of fraudulent billing practices conducted by Aspen personnel - all of their complaints have involved Aspen's use of financial contracts in which Aspen signed the patients up for an "outside" line of credit and then collected the entire proposed treatment fee in advance of the treatment provided.

Your local DISTRICT ATTORNEYS OFFICE can and will take action against Aspen Dental on your "Business" complaint of "Consumer Fraud" if it is suspected that Aspen has engaged in any criminal misconduct with regard to your complaint – so, collect all of your documents if you believe that you have been financially victimized by Aspen and make an appointment with your local DISTRICT ATTORNEY to present your complaint.

When Aspen is found to be criminally negligent, the DA's office will inform you of your rights and, as a tax payer, this will not cost you anything. The misuse of your credit through Aspen's credit partner - "CareCredit" - is currently being investigated by the New York State Attorneys General Office for possible fraud, including possible charges of unethical / criminal business practices.

If you believe that you were forced / misled (without full disclosure concerning what you were agreeing to) into signing a credit agreement by Aspen Dental staff, then you need to collect all of your financial paperwork from Aspen and present this information to your local District Attorney's Office with your demand for a criminal investigation into Aspen's financing schemes.

Don't be surprised that within weeks of contacting the DA's office that Aspen will try to contact you with an offer to "credit your account" with the hope that you will drop the criminal investigation - don't settle for anything less than what you deserve. We strongly recommend that you locate and collect all of your original documents associated with your activities with Aspen and only provide copies to the agencies that will be reviewing your complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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Lockwood, Montana, United States #206841

I am very impressed with this lawsuit. I definetly agree and can see every aspect. Thanks for finally speaking up.

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