I made an appointment last week with aspen dental when I get there they tell that they could not do my exam. Their excuse the main dentist called in sick and they didn't get a replacement until around noon.

They asked if I could reschedule for monday January 30, at 2:00 pm, I agreed but when went in today I was about 20 minuted late. I was again told they couldn't fit me in because of being late. Now I think I did them a favor by rescheduling.

I think favors go two ways they could have took into consideration my rescheduling and tried to work with me.

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I guess the dentist should be at work no matter what -- he/she is sick, have a kid who is sick just because you had an appointment. As far as rescheduling if you are 20mins late -- i.e.

my pediatrician's office has a big sign --"due to the nature of our practice if you are late more than 15 mins late, you may be asked to rescheduled". So, it is not something unusual in busy offices and even in private practices.


People, you are only looking at things from your side. when does that ever really work unless you just want to ***.

The first problem could have happened to your hairdressing appointment. Or any business. It's just unpredictability. As far as being 20 min late!

You mean that the next person should sit in the front room for 20 min longer because you have such credit for just rescheduling your dental appointment?

Who do you think you are? Donald Trump?

to john garnache #1017772

The Garnaches are truly awful people. Period.

to Anonymous #1382267

Yeah—they are actually wonderful people. But hey—it’s just fine to attack people’s character over a difference of opinion or perspective.

Right? I’m sure you are perfectly fine when people do it to you...

to Anonymous #1471174

Yes the Garnaches are terrible. I could give examples but I'll spare you.

I'll just leave it at when he worked on my daughter as a hygienist I witnessed him enter the restroom then rush out about 45 seconds later with the toilet still flushing. Clearly did not wash his hands then proceeded to stick his hands in her mouth!


Coose another dentist , Aspen has no customer loyalty , nor' do they care as people in general.


Yes, they could have fit you in. They almost always can.

Time to find another dentist. Their attitude stinks.

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