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I went to get an assessment for my bottom denture in the summer. I decided to go ah ad and get extractions and get my bottom denture and extractions.

I looked on the website at their prices for dentures and they seemed reasonable. I called to get appointments and Emily at the Council Bluffs, Iowa location answered the phone. I stated I want to get my teeth extracted but not have my bone shaved as stated on the estimate. She was adamant I have to get my bone shaved.

I then stated I wanted to get a bottom denture but possibly a set because I havent used my insurance benefit for my set. I paid out of pocket for the top denture which was a temporary denture some where else. I would like to know the cost of dentures and she inflated the cost by over 2000 compared to what was on their website. Emily then stated that this is insurance fraud because I paid out of pocket for my denture in order to save my benefit for my set when I got my bottom teeth done???and kept yelling???at me because I questioned the price???

I asked for her name because I was in disbelief at her anger toward a customer. I am very upset the manner in which she spoke to me and falsely accused me of fraud! I called my insurance company and they stated I still have my benefit for a set of dentures. They were going to turn in the complaint to Their supervisor who will contact someone at Aspen Dental.

They informed me they do nothing recommend anyone to go there. Awful experience and I wouldnt want anyone to go to Aspen Dental.

User's recommendation: Do not even call them.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Aspen Dental Cons: All they care about is money.

Location: 3617 Denmark Drive, Council Bluffs, IA 51501

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The price on the website is cheap to lure suckers in the door. The sad part is patients usually cannot wear this garbage-clinic's most expensive dentures, much less the cheap ones.

Too many corners are cut. Listen, it is a stupid idea to extract all your teeth. Patients are seldom happy with complete lower dentures. A decent set of dentures will cost you $3000-$3500.

Sorry, it takes 5 to 6 appointments and a lot of complicated lab work to do it right.

Save some teeth and have a quality partial denture instead. Don't be a knucklehead!

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