Ok I am going to say this I am an employee of Aspen dental, and they treat their employees horrible had my teeth removed for dentures they did not fit. Went back several times was told by office manager that if I didn't stop complaining they would have me fired.

Still am without teeth went to second and third dentist both say this is the worse surgery that they have ever seen.

Had to have a new surgery which of course I had to pay for because of course my dental insurance with Aspen only works at Aspen. Do not use Aspen Dental they do not care about employees why should their employees care about you.

User's recommendation: Stay away.

Location: Gilbert, Arizona

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If your insurance only covers treatment at A$pen, it is worthless. Best to drop it and save the premiums you paid to go to a competent dentist YOU choose. There is a snowball's chance in Hades that you will get a wearable denture made at A$pen.


Wow! You saw the butchery on other patients and you actually let A$pen yank your teeth out!

Bad move! Don't dare let these goofballs try to do implants on you. Why on earth do you work for a sleazy outfit like Aspen instead of a reputable dentist?

Dentists all over are looking for dependable employees. Of course, they would probably want employees to have presentable teeth to get the job.


Wow. You truly are quite the ass****!

That’s a great way to talk to people who may not have the same money that your gold digging *** has!

You’re so jealous of other folks success in the dental world! GET OVER YOURSELF!

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