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I needed an affordable dental office that was close by. After my other dental office closed I decided to try Aspen in January of 2011.

My last appointment, which was yesterday is my last appointment ever at Aspen. I waited for 45 minutes in my chair in the back and watched people walk passed me. I was there only because I had some pain in my tooth where my cavity was filled 2.5 months prior by the mentor Ohio office and I thought something wasn't right because it felt funny. When I made the appointment the lady on the phone told me that they would look at my tooth and then discuss what needs to be done if there is a problem. When the dentist Finally came over he was like I need x-rays and I said no, that is not what they told me on the phone. He REFUSED to look in my mouth. It would of taken 2 minutes. I just had my x-ray's 2.5 months prior, why on earth would I need them again. I refused and the 2 guys just looked at me like I was an ***. And the Dentist actual said he did not tell me he wouldn't need x-ray's. So the dentist is suppose to answer the phone at your office? He was rude, and so I told them, they lost a customer, and walked out. I can't believe they made me wait in the chair for 45 mins and then told me I HAD to get an x-ray. They were rude and I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT OFFICE AGAIN! I can take my money somewhere else.

I also want to stress one more thing. I'm shocked that they refused to look in my mouth. Absolutely refused. It's a dental office?? I'm trying to get pregnant and I know that I can't take x-ray's if I'm pregnant so for me to refuse the x-ray's (I shouldn't have had to explain that to them) and for them to stare at me like they couldn't do anything without the x-ray is absolutely ridiculous. The service was horrible and can't believe they treated me like that.

Another appointment I had at the same office. I walked in, signed in and sat down and Waited 30 mins and all of sudden my cell phone beeped that I had a message so I listened to it while in the waiting room and it was a Message from the Aspen Dental office asking where I was. I thought it was a joke, I walked up to the front desk and I told them I have been here for 30 mins, see I signed in and pointed to the sing in sheet. The lady was on her cell texting and apologized, but seriously. Do your job. I should of known then what a horrible place the Mentor Ohio office was. Everyone was rude except one person, who ever cleans the teeth, she was really great and was the reason I kept coming in. But no more.

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Yes, doctors can refuse to look at you without x-rays. It is a form of documentation also to support diagnosis.

If you are pregnant, you need to tell that to the dentist and they can double shield you. Digital x-rays these day have minimal exposure and 1 x-ray will not cause damage to you or your baby. How is the dentist supposed to know why the filling feels "funny" to you? Is it close to the nerve?

Did it cause abscess? How is he supposed to know answers to these questions without an x-ray?

If you have questions about such things, ask the dentist, discuss all the benefits vs.risks. It is their duty to discuss those with you.


Xrays are also used to figure out what is wrong with a tooth and why its causing you pain, when looking inside the mouth wont do the trick. That's their thinking.

Even if you got an xray 2.5 months prior, things can change pretty quickly. For instance you could have an abscess underneath the filling and the only way to see it is to have an xray taken.

Just saying. But I agree with the cell phone part.

I went to an office and a lady sat there on her cell phone and was offended when I asked when the dentist would see me. It had been 15 minutes past my appointment.

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