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well I am no better off, Aspen Dental a joke ….. had xray in july 2017 received dentures October 27,2018.

went back for adjustments never seen dentists always dental asst. was given appointments & then was called said would not be there. In middle of june 2018 felt something under my dentures, finally got appointment, totally different staff in the Tullahoma office told them had a tooth under my dentures on the bottom of the right side. finally dentist comes in & tells me&showed xray taken oin july 2017, his exact words were yes you do have a tooth even said it was #31, but the dental asst.

said she would have to ask how much it would cost for removal. point being they have been paid& I was under impression they were responsible because I did pay for xray in JULY2017. I would not recommend no one to this place not even worst enemy. changed to another aspen dental,got it removed but had to pay 98 dollars.

talked to employee there she was sent to Tullahoma to help out . her words were it was absolute mess& in McMinnville office were getting lots of Tullahoma's patiences there had been so many problems. Also I recived bill from Tullahoma office for them showing me the tooth in my mouth after the did the xray in july 2017.

Reported it to the place that does ASPEN DENTAL FINANCING... TOOK THE COMPLAINT BOUT IT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well, it is ALWAYS proper protocol to remove unerupted teeth prior to making a denture. Otherwise they can erupt, and when they are taken out, the denture will not fit anymore.

Every dentist learns this simple fact in dental school. Look, A$pen Dental and other fleabag corporate dental offices pay people low wages. For that reason and others, employees come and go like flies on a fresh dog turd. Nobody but the worst dentists hand around for long.

The finance company doesn't give a flip about the service at A$pen Dental. All those loan sharks care about is being fed more accounts.

Why you just moved to another A$pen scam shop instead of going to a good independent dentist will remain one of the mysteries of the universe. Some people are just gluttons for punishment, I guess.

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