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We wondered why Aspen Dental compared their non credit card financing to a credit card we already had for dental service and dental insurance. THEN we wondered why the original estimate was only half of what we were actually charged.

They charge for everything in advance even those services they have yet to complete. They out right lied in their explanation of services. The manager, assistant manager and dentist were argumentative and down right nasty when any question was asked. Only the receptionist and assistant to the dentist was very nice and tried to help us any way she could.

They INSISTED it was fine to do a long surgical procedure in the office during the Covid 19 shut down of all elective surgeries when we had to cancel an appointment during the shut down. They did NOT explain what was involved in the various parts of the surgeries, nor did they make clear any of their own terminology leading us to believe that what they said was true and there was no hidden meaning behind what was said. I questioned why they got such a high credit limit for my husband which should have been about 5000.

They got him an 11000 line of credit, (again not a credit card as we were led to believe similar to Care Credit which we already have) and it seemed to be a very arbitrary number. WELL we soon found out that they had every intention of using almost the entire amount even though we agreed to half of that amount!

Original review posted by user Jul 02, 2020

My husband needed extractions and dentures. We went to Aspen Dental, got the estimate and agreed to it.

THEN they proceeded to do MORE than we agreed to, lied to us about DentalFirst Financing being just like the Care Credit Card which we already have and NOW in our 70s are most likely being charged more than 5000 dollars than we agreed to.

It is NOT a credit card, it is a rip-off company associated with Comenity Bank or so they say however I do have Comenity Credit cards and they are not through a dot net, they are through dot com. This is VERY fishy and we are going to take what ever action we must to reduce the cost and hold both Dentalfirst and Aspen Dental responsible for price gouging, over charging and lying!


Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Cons: All.

Location: 2540 Tiffin Ave, Findlay, OH 45840

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No honest dentist anywhere bills for procedures before they are done. Only crooks do that.

They do it because they are short of billing for the month to make bonus. They got to drag in every dollar they can from patients or staff and dentist will be fired. Bad mistake of your husband to have ALL his teeth out. At least he could have saved a couple of roots to make overdentures.

But an even worse mistake was to go to a flim-flam outfit like Aspen. People think they save money going to these crooks after seeing TV ads, but in reality almost all the patients pay more at Aspen than at a private dentist.

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