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Jan 28th, 2012 First when I sat in the chair the assistant made me sign a release to have 5 of my upper teeth. I explained there were 6 teeth not five so she wrote it in and was sure the billing was correct.

The Dentist was so fast that he broke off one of my front teeth and now two days later I realize he left one of the roots which is now solid and pushing into my denture. My mouth is wide so he ground away bone from the right side of the hole of my back molar but not the left. Now two days later the midline is my front left tooth. The pain is so intense and the denture is so narrow Im getting blisters on each side of my back gum.

I told them this the day after for my second visit. He didnt look at my mouth just ground the denture down so that the shoe horn was hanging down onto my tongue. I can not even wear these dentures they dont fit! I have a wide mouth and they should compensate my mouth not my bone with their denture!

The right side of the teeth plane hangs down much lower than the left. Then Im supposed to get permanent denture in 6 months? I am very angry because this pain is not right!

And the crookedness and mis-alignment is a complete joke! I have missed two days of work and Now I have no teeth!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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You must have had an incompetent dentist. They should do all they can to make them fit before messing with your bones. I would have sued that quack!!

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