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I went to Aspen Dental since it was the only participating provider in Vestal NY. It reminded me of what a medicaid dental clinic might look like.

First off a young lady made an attempt to take my x-rays - eventually I had to help her get the film pieces in my mouth and position them! I'm sure she had no kind of training certification....seemed to dislike her job.

Then brought to dentist chair, which is in a large room with 2 other dentist chairs divided by a row of cabinets! No privacy - made me feel like I was a number, not a person!

After waiting for a long time, the doctor (who looked to be a first year graduate) sloppily dressed, quickly introduced herself and began to examine my mouth calling off numbers to an "assistant." "Assistant" was a young woman, also sloppily dressed, who kept asking for clarification of what the "dentist" was saying....again, made me feel that the "assistant" had no training whatsoever! The doctor made no attempt to acknowledge me while she was "in my mouth"!

People walking back and forth behind my chair....since it was a large room...listening to other people in dentist chairs....that's when I knew I had had enough and was not EVER going back there!

I was then brought to the "closer"...yes, just like a sleazy car salesman! I stopped him before he went into whatever he was going to discuss, to let him know that I would never be coming back here.

I will definitely go back to my former dentist even if I have to pay large amounts of money for an out-of-network provider! It will be worth every penny!

It was a disgusting place - a great example of corporate dentistry!

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Dear Allie I called aspen dental service number & spoke to a wonderful women by the name of Linda but thats were it ended, I had a awful experance at aspen dental in Concord NH & I wouldnt send my dog to them, I,m am thinking about sueing so that this never happens again to anyone, I had two teeth riped out of my mouth with nonovacain, Then after that when I told the dentist next time I go to a dentist he,s going to put me out this guy made a fist & said you mean you want one of these. No they didnt give me my smile back they gave me the worse experance of my life


I have to agree with this person from Ny I too had the same thing happen to me more or less but I had to go back due to the fact that I had suffered for 3 weeks with real bad dental pain, When I got there that mornig they took two teeth out without any novacain, No matter how much I screamed or cried this dentist wouldnt stop within five minutes of sitting in the chair both teeth where out, I called the main office & reported this *** , I had spoken to an understaning woman name Linda but I dont think it went much further then that, I wouldnt go back to aspen if you paid me too.This is not a joke it really happened & no one should have to go through that kind of pain


wow - they have to have someone who goes around online and does damage control! lol

Anyone contact them and have any success in resolving their issues? Didn't think so...just a marketing ploy to make you think that they care I guess.


Just to continue....I went to my own dentist (out of network provider) and found that I didn't have the (2) cavities that Aspen said I had!!!

Scary stuff.......


Allie, I'd hate to have your job, trying to cover up for mil- mal- and non-feasance by franchise holders (it is a franchise, isn't it?) I was looking at an Aspen ad in the Yellow Pages the other day and thought I would see what's on the Web about them. Won't see me there ...

or any of the people who wrote about their personal exeriences with

Aspen. hhb

Allie at Aspen

Mindy, Aspen Dental is committed to providing all patients with exceptional service and care. If you feel you have an issue that cannot be resolved by the Aspen Dental office you visited, please call our Patient Satisfaction team at 1-866-273-8606 or email us at patient

We will respond to you as quickly as possible, always within two business days from your initial contact with us.

Aspen Dental is committed to your total satisfaction and we look forward resolving any issues quickly and courteously. Thank you.

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