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I went to see Dr Samantha Pack at Aspen Dental in Brookfield, WI on 9/1/11 for a simple check up and cleaning. This was the start of a month long ordeal.

The cleaning went find and I was advised I would have some slight pain for a day or two. Well the pain was not slight, after 5 days of severe pain I called the Aspen Dental group and asked to speak to Dr. Pack, unfortunately she was busy and advised the receptionist to tell me to use Advil for the pain and buy some Sensidyne tootpaste. I had already done this and advisted the receptionist, she then advised to give it couple of more days.

After 5 more painful days I called again, I was advised to come in and have the doctor take a look at it. I came in and Dr Pack advised it appears doing the cleaning we got a little debris under your gums and we will do a deep cleaning and apply some antibiotic. After the Hygenist finishd this procedure I advised I was still in agonizing pain and wanted to speak with Dr. Pack, I was advised she was busy and I should continue to take Advil.

I then advised the Hygenist to let the Dr. Pack know I needed to talk with her and I would wait until she was available. I sat in the waiting room for another 20 minutes and then the receptionist came out and advised Dr. Pack has written a percription for pain relief.

I took the perscription and had it filled and begin taking the medication. After a day the pain continued to get more and more severe. I then looked up the drug she gave me on and found it has a severe interaction with another drug I take, which was on my dental records. It appears Dr.

Pack didn't bother to review my records before perscribing this medication for me. Two days later I was in so much pain I called the Dr. Pack's office and spoke to the answering service, they advised Dr Pack was on call and would call me back in 45 min, after 1 hour and no call back, I called again, they told me to wait another 30 min as Dr. Pack had not answered her page.

20 min later the answering service called me and advised Dr. Pack had advised them to call me and tell me if the pain was so bad and I couldn't wait until Monday to go to emergency. She Never called me back, I went to emergency and was provided antibiotics as my entire mouth was infected and I had lesions on my gums. The Doctor I saw could not understand why Dr.

Pack had not perscribed antibiotics for me. Today, I'm still in pain and calling around to find another dentist to determine what is going on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $1628.

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