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Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time. The staff at this location are very nice but they are money hungry.

I went in for New Patient Consultation and got free x-rays and "work needed plan" done. I had ulcers for a week from the Xray tech cutting my mouth while trying to rush me through, I was told I needed a 2 appointment "Deep cleaning" that would cost about $140 plus wanted me to get special $30 "mouth rinse". After getting the consultation, they were quick to give me a total amount of work to be almost $6000 and wanted me to sign up for financing (I have no insurance) that day before scheduling an appointment to get work done. I was told I had 13 fillings needed, 2 crowns, and had to get my wisdom teeth removed.

I ended up leaving and going to Midway Family Dental to see Dr. Jackson for a second opinion. After that consultation, I needed half the work done and had to spend no where near has much money to do it. Not that many fillings, no crowns, and wisdom teeth (that have already come in) get to stay put.

All work is on a NON FINANCED payment plan and under $2300.

Payment and work done at my pace, as I can pay for it. Never will I step foot in this place again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The only extractions A$pen does well is extracting money from your wallet. You foiled A$pen's money extraction scheme for you.

Good work!

If more patients were as wise as you, that clip joint would be out of business in no time.The miracle of it was that you got A$pen to transfer your x-rays to another dentist in a timely fashion. That doesn't happen to often!

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