went to aspen with horrible jaw pain they did nothing said all teeth had to come out theyd do that in 10 days. set me up for financing did nothing for pain said i had gum disease financing was 4300 in the mean time my jaw is swollen by the time the week was up i was at my dr.

office she wanted to put me in hospital for i.v. antibotics had been back to aspen but dentist won't see me they already had my money said they would see me at appt time in another week. i decided to call off the teeth removal by them and get my money back and go somewhere else. i was told by chase health advance that i had to fill out paper work and it had to be approved by aspen and they would credit what aspen felt i didn't use of the 4300 dollars i was also approved by chase for 20,000 yes 20 thousand i ask why so much they said aspen requested that much i ask them if i had to approve any extra charges besides the 4300 that aspen already got.

chase said no it was up to aspen what the final bill would be so i said they can take the full 20,000 chase said yes if they charge that much extra. so dont go threw chase health either there in cahoots. i was told i had to keep making payments and it could take a year to get any money back and how much would be up to aspen dental. oh by the way the secound time i was at aspen my left eye was swelled shut and i was in horrible pain dentist sent out a pain script which makes me sick already had told them that and would not see me while the staff kept looking at me and laughing.

id guess laughing all the way to the bank. stay away stay away

Monetary Loss: $4300.

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I am very sorry to hear about your experience. Could you tell me which office you visited?

Or, if you call the Patient Satisfaction Team they'll be able to help you resolve these issues quickly.

They can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or patientservices@aspendent.com.

Thank you and again, I apologize for your experience.

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