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Oh my god, the *** I am going through now because of over $7,000 worth of work done by them 3 years ago. I now am looking at a little over $11,000 for a total reconstruct because my bite is so off and the redoing of faulty crowns and bridges done by them.

I have written to my insurance and to Todd Ulrich with Channel 9 expressing my complaints! Some of the horror stories I’ve read are so sad. Aren’t they responsible for their defective work. The picture below shows only one of the crowns that had popped off the one beside it has also.

I also had a bridge made which I have complained about. My oral surgeon questioned me as to who did my bridge plus a different Aspen dentist told men it should be redone. The next time I saw Patel, the dentist who did my crowns and bridge hr said it was fine. I could always feel under it and it was always very sensitive.

After about a year it seemed to settle down in my mouth but my bottom teeth began to move and were hitting my top teeth and kept breaking off. That was the point where my bite most have started going bad. I lost the crown in the picture and must have swallowed it. I was told that the dentist currently at Aspen would not make me a new crown without charging me for it.

I thought that Aspen guaranteed their work! I went to another dentist for an opinion then had to go back to Aspen to have another temporary pit on the nub. The first one fell off in a matter of hours. The admin girl told me when I done that the dentist put the 2nd temporary on got free and was not paying for the crown.

She then said that since I bad seen another dentist we had come to I'm impasse and we should just part ways. I had also contacted their customer service line and was assured I would get a call back.

I never did. I was new to Florida when I chose Aspen Dental and not one person that I have mentioned them to has had a positive thing to say!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Crown Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Irene Moore
Shopping Expert

According to the Aspen Dental faq page, the company has a Money Back Guarantee promising to return money if a customer is not happy with dental services. Unfortunately, the refund request should be submitted only within 90 days after the services are given.

Please contact your Aspen Dental dentist with your issue details to inquire if they have any solution for you. You may also try to contact your state dental board or state dental society and ask for assistance.


That front tooth was cut down to much to ever reliably hold a crown. You will probably need a root canal and CAST post in the tooth to give it more length for crown retention.

Don't dare let any dentist use a prefabricated post, which will break loose in no time. But to be honest, your very worn lower incisors need leveling and repair before doing any more upper crowns. When one Aspen dentist repairs a mess another Aspen dentist created, he earns no commission. That is why no one wants to honor the Aspen "guarantee." It is just a marketing gimmick.

Leave it up to a Wall-Street owned joint like Aspen to leave a patient more messed-up than when she came in.

It is all about money, honey. You made a bad mistake going to this chain of clip joints.